Everything But Espresso Book (ISBN 9781450708708)

Everything But Espresso
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Everything But Espresso's contents are rather self-explanatory: within you'll find Scott Rao's tips, techniques, and explanations of his methodology covering most popular coffee brewing methods that aren't espresso. While Rao has written this with coffee professionals in mind, the concepts and techniques are approachable for just about anyone interested in brewing better coffee. Each section is a concise read full of useful information, and to-the-point brewing guides, which makes this useful both as an instructional read and occasional reference guide should you find yourself struggling to nail a particular brewing method.

This hard-bound book contains 70 full color pages, with plenty of photos illustrating step-by-step brewing guides. Each section contains thoughtful reasoning for the techniques featured, as well as thorough introductory information about brewing coffee in general.

  • Excellent foundational information on many popular coffee brewing methods
  • Thorough reference text on the subject of coffee brewing
  • Background information on extraction science, water quality, grinding mechanics, and more
  • Useful for both professional baristas and coffee enthusiasts
  • Detailed brew guides for auto-drip, manual brewing, immersion, siphon, and Clever drippers
Title: Everything But Espresso
Author: Scott Rao
ISBN: 978-1-4507-0870-8
Pages: 70
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