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Freehand Torch Partially Rusticated Briar Espresso Tamper

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The wedding of pipe and tamper takes a great step forward with the Freehand Torch Espresso Tamper. We like the way its gently arching neck gives way to a partially rusticated head. the torch feels natural with the fingers wrapped under the neck and the rusticated head provides a very tactile experience when tamping. Any way you hold it, the Torch is a joy to handle and behold. The partially rusticated texture on the head was inspired by freehand danish pipes. Hand crafted with care to bring out the natural grain pattern of the birar wood out of which it is made. With rugged texture, sweeping lines, refined patterns, and long term comfort, the Freehand Torch is a pleasing and practical tool that would look good on any bar.

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Very Unique!

I actually bought this Tamper quite a while ago so this is a good long term review after tamping many many espresso's. I have about five different tampers and this Briar Torch is my favorite. I use this at home and many guests come over and love my cappuccino's. They always notice this beautiful hand carved piece and compliment me on it. It is as sturdy as it is practical. Fits perfect in your hand, and balanced just right for a firm tamp. This is a piece of art!

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