PDX Instagram Coffee Cities Poster

PDX Instagram Poster
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  • PDX Instagram Coffee Cities Poster
  • PDX Instagram Coffee Cities Poster

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This one's for the 'Grammers out there. RIP the original PDX carpet, you will be missed! But at least you can celebrate its memory with this swanky poster in your house. Portland may have a bit of a reputation for waxed mustaches and fixed-gear bikes, but we know better: we see Heart, Stumptown, Barista, and more, as the brilliant beacons of coffee culture that they are. And anyone flying to Portland for a weekend-long coffee crawl knows that the PDX carpet is there to welcome you to the city. Well, until they started tearing it out anyway.

Printed on water-resistant heavyweight paper, measures 11x17 inches. That's right, they really still print things on paper!

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