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Tesla Author Smooth Briar Espresso Tamper

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The Tesla Author Smooth Briar Espresso Tamper has great aesthetics and function. The form of this tamp was inspired by the stout and spherical Author pipe shape. Our favorite aspect is the grain patterns spread across the top. The rich bird’s eye on the side of the head seems to produce the flame grain like flashing electric arcs. That flame grain on the head reminded us of arcing electricity like that of Nikola Tesla and his Magnifying Transmitter or a plasma globe which uses the same principles Tesla discovered. The resemblance to Tesla’s work led us to name this tamper in honor of his fascinating inventions. The Tesla Author will appeal to baristas who like a short, wide tamper. The shape fills the hand and the broad surface distributes pressure without causing discomfort. This tool is sure to serve well and attract a lot of attention, a little like the electrical experiments by its namesake.

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