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Slayer Three Group Commercial Espresso Machine

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Take command of your espresso with Slayer's signature approach to flavor profiling, in a full-commercial machine ideal for the busiest cafes. This three group machine doesn't pull any punches, with per-group 1.2 L brew boilers and independent PIDs, a 5.4 L pre-heat tank, and a 12 L steam tank for unlimited steam. Slayer's patented needle valves provide variable flow rate control in the pre-brew setting, allowing for custom flavor profiling on each group. Each V3 group is rated for millions of uses, with microswitch actuators for long life and easy service. From the ground up, this is a machine built to perform and to last.

Be sure to contact our sales team if you have questions about customization, lead times, and pricing!

Specs & Features:

  • Three Slayer v3 groups with microswitch actuators
  • Individual brew boilers per-group, with independent PIDs
  • 58 mm precision baskets
  • Bottomless portafilters with walnut handles
  • Fully-articulated steam wands
  • Optional features including hot water tap, pre-brew timers, and custom steam tips
  • Black body panels, silver X's, Peruvian Walnut actuator handles - ask us about customization options!
  • Certified UL, NSF, CE
  • 12 L steam tank, 1.2 L group boilers (per group), 5.4 L pre-heat tank
  • Power: 220 V AC, 50/60 Hz, single phase. 8000 W, 35 amps. Requires NEMA 6-50 receptacle
  • Dimensions: H 17 in, W 40 in, D 22 in - 270 lbs


Hand-made in Seattle, WA, Slayer Espresso machines are at the bleeding edge of the industry. Featuring variable pressure at the group, a Slayer shot can be worlds apart from those pulled on other machines, making them one of the most unique products in the coffee world. Each machine features high-quality parts like solid machined steel frames, cast "Xs," spacious stainless boilers, and even some high-tech proprietary parts that serve to make Slayer all the more special. With a variety of customization options available, you can match your machine to your cafe or personality, or just craft the machine of your dreams.


5 / 5 stars

Slayer espresso machine

This machine changed my life! I had taken my life savings and against the advice of my family opened a mom and pop coffee house in southern Florida. Well needless to say they were right and I filed for bankruptcy within 32 days. But I wasn't finished. This time I sold my car my belongings and moved in to the attic of a bakery next to our local food market. I purchased this espresso machine which I call "the elixir of life" and started serving coffee in front of the bakery in the way kids sell lemonade. I got a reputation as the corner street coffee guy and then partnered with the bakery. I have now bought out the bakery and have a free standing venue overlooking some trees but without this machine the quality of my product wouldn't exist and in the end it's all about what the people want

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