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Bayreuth Porcelain Replacement Lids

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This replacement lid is for your modern and sleek Porcelain Bayreuth brewer. Select a size from the Add to Cart menu to get the right part for your brewer. The small lid fits the .35 L Bayreuth, and the large lid fits the .7L Bayreuth. Need a sieve also? Click here for our replacement sieves.

Walkure Bayreuth Porcelain Pour Over Brewer


Germany has an impressive history of innovations in coffee brewing. Over a century ago, a young housewife named Frau Melitta Bentz became a successful businesswoman when she filtered coffee grounds with paper for the first time and patented her now-famous design. Cafes around the world testify to German genius by brewing with Dr. Peter Schlumbohm’s widely celebrated Chemex Coffee Maker. Yet another elegant tradition, which we’re now excited to offer, has been enjoyed by coffee-lovers for over 100 years: Walküre’s handmade porcelain coffee makers.
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