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Yama Siphon Bottom Glass Replacement Part for TCA-5D

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yama siphon bottom glass replacement part for TCA-5D
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SKU: TCA-5D-Bottom
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This is the bottom glass chamber replacement for the 5 cup Yama Table Top Syphon, TCA-5D.

yama 5 cup siphon bottom glass


Yama has specialized in hand-blown glass brewing equipment since 1978 and they've become known for their coffee siphons and cold brew towers. The siphon brewer utilizes a heat source to boil water and push it into an upper brewing chamber, then sucks the coffee down through a cloth filter and back into the bottom chamber. Hands down, it's the most involved and captivating way of making coffee. Similar to the siphon, Yama's cold coffee dripper looks more like lab equipment than a coffee maker. It uses a slow dripping process to brew a strong concoction of coffee that's destined to be served over ice.

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5 / 5 stars

Glass coffeepot bottom, siphon pot

Based upon a previous modle, the coffee pot performs admirablely. However, wires were crossed and the T5 was the wrong size. I returned it and will order the correct size.

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quality product

Item arrived on time and packing is seamless. This is the second piece I purchased from your company. Will come back if I have to.

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