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    Baratza 1085 Forte  
Espresso and Coffee Burr Grinder Front View Baratza 1085 Forte 
Grinder for Coffee and Espresso

    OPEN BOX - NEW | Baratza Forte Flat Burr Coffee And Espresso Grinder


    MSRP: $950.00 - $1,035.00
    $854.05 - $854.96
    Item Condition: Open Box - New Open Box - New: New, unused items, with damaged or replacement packaging. Warranty: Manufacturer's standard warranty applies. Return Policy: If for any reason you decide that your purchase was not for you then...
    MSRP: $950.00 - $1,035.00
    $854.05 - $854.96
    Qty in Cart: 0
    MSRP: $950.00 - $1,035.00
    $854.05 - $854.96
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