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Global Customized Water AB Formula in two dropper bottles

Video Overview | Global Customized Water Perfect Cup Fomula

Instantly create perfect water for your brews with Global Customized Water's AB Formula! This "perfect cup" formula is incredibly simple and easy to use, and each kit contains a total of 20 doses -- enough to treat 20 gallons of distilled or reverse osmosis water! Interested in how it works? Watch along as Steve shares on the AB Formula from Global Customized Water.

Global Customized Water AB Formula

Video Overview | Global Customized Water

If you live in an area where the water is just plain nasty, then Global Customized Water is here to save your hot beverages (and your tastebuds).


H2O, Hello There: An Introduction to Water for Coffee Brewing

Have you ever taken a bag of beans home from your favorite shop, brewed them according to the recipe printed on the bag, and found the resulting brew to be lackluster and almost completely different from that cup you enjoyed in the cafe? You might wonder if it was the grinder, or maybe your technique was off -- but what if it’s actually something else, what if a tiny pinch of extra magnesium in your water was to blame?