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SCAA 2015 Recap

SCAA 2015: The Post-Show Report

We had a blast at SCAA 2015, and we've got plenty of great shots from the show. Check out this year's post-show recap!

Acaia Pearl Digital Brewing Scale

Video Overview | Acaia Pearl Digital Brewing Scale

When it comes to brewing scales, the Acaia Pearl Digital Brewing Scale is in a class of its own. Along with its smart, clean design, the Pearl scale features a 2000 gram capacity, 2 ms response time, touch-sensitive controls, and a spill-proof outer shell in case things get sticky. It’s even got its own internal battery with a rechargable 25 hour life, so you can spend less time replacing batteries, and more time crafting a delicious brew. To top it all, Acaia brings this scale to life with its bluetooth enabled connection to the Acaia Coffee App, which you can access through both iOS and Android devices to enhance your brewing routine. Learn more about what the Acaia Pearl has to offer, as Steve highlights each feature of this dynamic scale.

An Acaia Pearl on a white table with the article title on the left, "A Comparison of Brewing Scales."

A Comparison of Brewing Scales

Whether you are brewing coffee manually or making espresso, a scale is an essential tool. In this post, we take a look at our favorite five: Jennings, ProScale, Hario Drip Scale, Acaia Pearl, and Acaia Lunar.

Our 2017 Coffee Expo Post-Show Report

When coffee professionals from all over gather each year for the annual Specialty Coffee Expo, you know it's going to be a whirlwind of a weekend. Sample bags of beans are doled out to prospective clients, business cards are shoved deftly into new hands, smiles abound and the coffee flows more freely than the water does (seriously, it's sometimes tough to stay hydrated at these things!). There are a half dozen parties every night, the local coffee shops put on special menus and polish up their service, and every Airbnb in the area will suddenly find itself laden with grinders and brewing wares. It's a phenomenal sight to behold and such a thrill to take part in - every year we leave impressed, exhausted, and excited for the weeks to come.