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Prima Coffee's Coffee Gear for Back to School 2015

Dorm Daze: Back to School 2015

Students, prepare for the new school year with the most essential of school supplies: coffee brewing equipment.

Clever Coffee Dripper brewing video

How to Brew: Clever Coffee Dripper

The Clever is one of our favorite coffee makers for no-fuss, no-matter-where, single-cup brewing. Gather a few familiar tools, quality ingredients, and your new Clever and you'll have a delicious cup in front of you in just minutes, sans hassle.

Clever Coffee Dripper

Video Overview | Clever Coffee Dripper

What's so smart about the Clever Coffee Dripper? A lot, actually. This brewer is in the running for the simplest means of making great coffee, and here's why: a patented mechanism in its base virtually removes user error and unrefined technique from the brewing equation. It doesn't require any special kettle or precise pour pattern, nor is it terribly particular about grind setting. With just fresh coffee, hot water, and easy-to-find #4 filters, your new favorite brewer is ready to use.