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A line up of precision pouring kettles for coffee brewing

Product Comparison | Gooseneck Pour Over Kettles

An essential accessory for many manual brewing methods, pour over kettles can make quite the difference in the cup, not to mention user experience. At Prima, we've cultivated an offering of top-notch kettles for the professional and novice alike, from simple stove-top models to precision variable temperature units. In this video, Steve shares on the benefits and drawbacks of each gooseneck kettle, so you can find the perfect fit for your brew bar.

Fellow Stagg Pouring Kettle Version 1.3

Video Overview | Fellow Stagg Pouring Kettle V 1.3

Fellow's Stagg Pouring Kettle is a beautifully designed kettle with equal parts form and function. Its long, graceful gooseneck and comfy, counterweighted handle make precise pours so much easier, giving you the control you need to achieve the best possible brews. Plus, the Stagg makes it simple to keep tabs on your water temperature, via its brew range thermometer that's built right into the lid. Discover more about the Stagg as Steve shares on this fantastic kettle by Fellow.


Our 2017 Coffee Expo Post-Show Report

When coffee professionals from all over gather each year for the annual Specialty Coffee Expo, you know it's going to be a whirlwind of a weekend. Sample bags of beans are doled out to prospective clients, business cards are shoved deftly into new hands, smiles abound and the coffee flows more freely than the water does (seriously, it's sometimes tough to stay hydrated at these things!). There are a half dozen parties every night, the local coffee shops put on special menus and polish up their service, and every Airbnb in the area will suddenly find itself laden with grinders and brewing wares. It's a phenomenal sight to behold and such a thrill to take part in - every year we leave impressed, exhausted, and excited for the weeks to come.

Picture of the Fellow Raven kettle

Video Overview | Fellow Raven Stovetop Kettle and Tea Steeper

The Raven kettle by Fellow lets you heat and steep or boil and pour. This multi-functional stove-top kettle is designed with a color-coded thermometer dial and a removable brew basket, to make steeping your tea as accurate and simple as possible. Take the brew basket out, and the Raven kettle becomes a quick route to brewing up a french press or enjoying a tasty cup of noodles. To discover more, watch along as Steve gives a complete overview of this attractive kettle from Fellow.

Fellow Stagg EKG variable temperature pouring kettle

Video Overview | Fellow Stagg EKG Variable Temperature Pouring Kettle

The Fellow Stagg EKG variable temperature kettle is everything you could want in a pouring kettle: it's sleek and stylish, fast and accurate, and an absolute joy to use. With the EKG's 1200 W heating element and smart PID controller, you can quickly achieve water heated to your exact desired temperature. The EKG is simple and intuitive to use, and like the stovetop Stagg kettle, it features a precision pouring spout and counter-weighted handle for better pour control. Ready to learn more? Watch along as Steve demonstrates using the Stagg EKG pouring kettle by Fellow!