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Mahlgut's puck-style espresso tools

The Palm-sized Secret to Better Espresso

If you’ve been paying attention to the world of espresso in recent years, you might have noticed the silent and steady takeover of puck-style tampers in competitions and in your local coffee bar.

PUSH Adjustable Tamper for espresso

Video Overview | Clockwork Espresso PUSH Adjustable Tamper

Perfect your tamp with the PUSH adjustable tamper from Clockwork Espresso. With its depth indicator markings and included adjustment tool, this polished, puck-shaped tamper is designed to give you an even and level tamp every time. Plus, it’s available in a variety of colors! Want the full story? Watch along as Steve takes a look at this dapper tamper.

Pullman Palm Tamper with Big Step Base

Video Overview | Pullman Palm Tamper with Big Step Base

Get better shot consistency and better extractions without the usual arm strain with Pullman’s Palm tamper. Combining the edge-to-edge reach of a Big Step base with precision adjustable depth and a comfortable palm grip, these tampers are designed to deliver a level tamp every time. Plus, adjusting the depth is quick and easy, with a range of 7.5-14mm and no tools required. Ready to see it in action? Watch along as Steve walks through each of its features, and puts it to use tamping a fresh bed of grounds.

Pullman Big Step Tamper.

Video Overview | Pullman Big Step Tamper

With its quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design, the Pullman Big Step tamper is a tool you’ll be glad to use daily. Made to fit securely in VST-style ridgeless baskets, the Big Step works to fully and evenly compact your puck, giving you less edge channeling and better extractions. It also features a uniquely tapered base, which reduces suction while removing the tamper, making fractured pucks a rarity. Want to see it in action? Watch along as Steve explores the ins and outs of the Big Step tamper, and puts it to use tamping for espresso.