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Video Overview | Mazzer Mini Electronic Doserless Espresso Grinder

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Hey, I'm Steve with Prima Coffee Equipment, and today we're taking a look at the Mazzer Mini E Espresso Grinder. This is the electronic version of the Mini E - the timer.

  • Mazzer Mini Electronic Doserless Espresso Grinder - Type A

    Flat Steel Grinding Burrs: 64mm, Coffee bean hopper capacity: 1.3 lbs, Adjustable doser: 4g-9g

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You'll notice that instead of a doser, we have a dosing cone, or funnel that uses an electronic timed dosing mechanism. Much the same as the other mini version, this is a 1.3 pound hopper. We have 64 mm burrs with stepless adjustment, so all you have to do adjust finer or coarser is turn this wheel left or right.

We can put out about a gram per second with this, so you're talking about 20 seconds for 20 grams of dose. With the electronic controls, you can set doses for either single or a double by going in the Menu, holding down the Menu button, you can select either single or double. Then you can change the time of your dose by 20th's of a second. So it'll go by 0.05 every time you push plus or minus.

To lock in the setting you just hold the Menu button down again. You can also dose manually by just holding down the middle button. Quick and easy way to dose or just dial things in first thing in the morning.

These are great grinders for light-duty cafes or having a decaf grinder - something on the side - that you might not use very often. Mainly just because they just don't put out all that much coffee on long grind. Pretty small grinder - comes in at about 18 inches, a little bit above that, 22.5 pounds - real easy to fit in a small cafe or even in your home if you want to stick it on your kitchen counter. We have again, we have the dosing funnels - so you're dosing directly into a porta filter.

You've got a nice big fork here to hold your porta filter while you are doing your timed dose. You have a really nice solid feeling toggle switch to turn the machine on and off. So that's the Mazzer Mini E. Thanks for watching.

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