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5 Coffee Beers for St. Patrick's Day weekend

5 Smashing Coffee Beers for St. Patty's Weekend

Cheap concoctions of coffee and liquor aren’t in short supply, but craft beverage connoisseurs like us are looking for something else. Coffee beer can be done right (or wrong), this we knew, so we set out to curate a collection of beany brews that are widely available and wildly tasty.

5 iced coffee recipes for summer

5 Delightful Iced Coffee Drinks for Summer

The summer heat is fully underway, and by now most of us have switched over to drinking iced coffee drinks. Whether you’re a cold brew lover or you’re looking for a more sophisticated brunching beverage, we’ve got a recipe just for you!

Five Boozy Coffee Drinks to Pep Up Your Summer

Here in Louisville, summertime is once again gracing our days with warmth and brightness, so it's time to break out the ice trays and get working on some summery drinks! This year, we've got five fantastic coffee cocktails for your drinking pleasure. Take a look!

HyperChiller Coffee and Tea Chiller

Video Overview | HyperChiller Coffee and Tea Chiller

Skip the line at the coffee shop and get perfectly chilled iced coffee at home with the HyperChiller. Its simple, easy to use design exposes your beverage to the cooling equivalent of over thirty large ice cubes, without the threat of dilution. While it does excel at quickly chilling a cup of coffee, you can also use it to cool wine, juice, tea, or whatever you need to chill. Plus, once you’ve chilled your current beverage, you can rinse your HyperChiller and toss it back into the freezer, so it’ll be ready to go the next time you’re craving a cold brew.

Cold Bruer Slow Drip Cold Coffee Brewer

Video Overview | Cold Bruer - Slow Drip Cold Coffee Brewer

Cold Bruer - Slow Drip Cold Coffee Brewer: Cold brew fans, rejoice! Cold Bruer is a simplified device for getting that smooth, refreshing, low-acidic taste you crave.