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Prima Coffee's Siphon Brewing Guide and Yama Siphon Review

Over the past couple of years I've experimented with many different brewing methods. The one brewing method that captivated me when introduced to it and the one which I keep running back to when I want to be able to count on a good cup of coffee is the Siphon. The Siphon is a somewhat rare and slightly intimidating brewing device. As for rare, we've put together a review on the siphon which should help you become more familiar with this brewing device.

Siphon brewing guide video

VIDEO: Coffee Siphon Brewing Guide

The siphon is the most complex of all manual brewers and the cup it produces might be the most unique. For a clean, full, and flavorful coffee, hit play and let Chris walk you through the whole process.

Robert Bunsen's birthday deal: sale on siphons and butane burners

Save Big with Bobby Bunsen: 20% off Siphons and Burners!

Ten score and two years ago, little Bobby Bunsen was born. To a nearly neanderthal society he introduced the Bunsen burner, delighting chemists and 19th-century hipsters all over Germany. More than 200 years later, the legacy of Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen lives on. We're celebrating Herr Robert's birthday with deals on the coffee gear we know he'd be proud of.

Drinking vs. Tasting: Syphon Silliness

Why does a light-roasted, natural-processed Ethiopian often give off a great deal more of the herbal bitter notes, rather than the fruited notes foretold by the dry and wet aromas, when brewed in a syphon? This is one of those brewing conundrums that has been sitting around in my head for several months now. Take a batch of roasted coffee and brew it in a press or in a pour-over, and bam! you get tons of berry notes all up in your retronasals, you know? But just as often as not, that same roast will yield a syphon pot that is...just...lacking.

Hario Coffee Siphon NEXT

Video Overview | Coffee Siphon and Vacuum Pot

The siphon is one of the most curious and complex brewing methods out there. So what's it all about? Its elegant design facilitates a truly theatrical process, like dinner and a show, but it's more than just fireworks. Full-immersion extraction, thermal stability, and efficient cake filtration make for a truly tasty cup of coffee that's worth the work. With an assortment of sizes, styles, and filter mediums, there's a siphon for anyone who's up for the effort.