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Able Coffee Equipment - Better your Brew with Able's Reusable Filters

Able Brewing is the creation of some upcoming coffee professionals from Portland, Oregon who are seeking to simplify and improve coffee brewing devices. Their creations aspire for increased sustainability through creating reusable products and clean tasting cups of coffee. The Able Disk, their first product, is a stainless steel filter produced for the Aeropress and the Able Kone is a stainless filter produced by their sister company for the Chemex brewers. These stainless coffee filters not only cut down on paper waste, but also remove the paper taste from the brewing equation, producing a clean tasting, full-bodied cup.

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Able Kone Stainless Steel Filter and Chemex Coffee Brewer

Chemex and Reusable Kone Stainless Filter

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Ultimate Home Brewing Kit

Ultimate Home Brewing Kit

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