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Prima Tamp Tour

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The Prima Tamp

is coming to a city near you.

You've seen it online. You've seen it in magazines. You've seen it at trade shows. But have you really seen it for yourself?

See where it's headed
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When we introduced the Prima Tamp a year ago, our goal was to equip baristas with a tool that would help them more comfortably and consistently prepare tasty espresso. Since then, it's made a real difference for real people all over the world. But many hardworking baristas still haven't felt the difference that the Prima Tamp can make.

The Prima Tamp Tour is a coast-to-coast roadshow that gives these folks the chance to try out our favorite tamper. Over the next 6 months, the Tour will visit 20 destinations around the USA, where professional baristas will try, test, and enjoy it until it leaves for the next stop.

Want to get your hands on one? Check the map and list below to see if the Prima Tamp Tour is headed to a city near you.

Look for the Prima Tamp or see the list below

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1 Collective Espresso Cincinnati, OH
2 Peregrine Espresso Washington DC
3 Everyman Espresso New York, NY
4 Jubala Village Coffee Raleigh, NC
5 Black Tap Coffee Charleston, SC
6 Panther Coffee Miama, FL
7 Counter Culture Coffee Atlanta, GA
8 CREMA Nashville, TN
9 Greenway Coffee Co. Houston, TX
10 Cartel Coffee Lab Tempe, AZ
11 Portola Coffee Lab Costa Mesa, CA
12 Lord Windsor Roasters Long Beach, CA
2/3-2/7 1101 East 3rd Street, Long Beach, CA @LordWindsorRoasters on Instagram
13 Copa Vida Pasadena, CA
14 Bellano Coffee Santa Clara, CA
15 Chromatic Coffee Co. Santa Clara, CA
16 Andytown Coffee San Francisco, CA
17 Fourbarrel San Francisco, CA
18 Sightglass Coffee San Francisco, CA
19 Ritual Coffee San Francisco, CA
20 Noble Coffee Roasting Ashland, OR
21 Coava Coffee Roasters Portland, OR
22 Barista & Coffee School Portland, OR
23 Caffe Ladro Seattle, WA
24 SCAA Exhibition Seattle, WA
25 Slayer Espresso Seattle, WA
26 Method Coffee Bar Olympia, WA
27 Novo Coffee Denver, CO
28 Coffea Roasterie Sioux Falls, SD
29 Sump Coffee St. Louis, MO
30 Coffee Fest St. Louis, MO
31 EVOKE Edmond, OK
32 Onyx Coffee Lab Fayetteville, AR
33 Fusion Brew Normal, IL
34 Kickapoo Coffee Roasters Viroqua, WI
35 Dogwood Coffee Co. Minneapolis, MN
36 Caffe Streets Chicago, IL
37 Madcap Coffee Co. Grand Rapids, MI

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