Prima Coffee Fulfillment Services

Prima Coffee's fulfillment services bring together the advantages of warehousing and logistics, coupled with a strategic partnership with one of the coffee industry's most prominent coffee equipment retailers. Conveniently situated in the heart of Louisville, KY, our 60,000 square-foot warehouse is the hub for a diverse array of coffee products from around the world, and centrally located for efficient, cost-effective logistics. If you're a manufacturer looking to forge an alliance with a reputable US retailer, and you need a single, well-equipped facility to house your products for seamless distribution to your partners, we'd love to work with you!

The Benefits of Working with Prima

Complete fulfillment services

Including warehousing, single-unit fulfillment for orders placed on your website, and nationwide distribution to your partners in all 50 states.

Significant savings

By consolidating your orders into a single large shipment and then locally distributing pallets and parcel, your customers and your partners can realize substantial cost savings on shipping compared to direct international shipping.

Product maintenance and support

Our experienced coffee technicians are equipped to provide support for any type of coffee equipment and work directly with your customers to diagnose, provide parts and repair equipment to fulfill warranty claims.

Strategic marketing and sales

Does your product align with Prima's catalog? If it does, we won't just handle your shipments; we'll also contribute to your business growth with sales via our online store, marketing campaigns and educational video and photo content.

Hassle-free returns

Prima will facilitate the return of any products that customers aren’t satisfied with. Additionally, if you wish, we can list these returned items for sale in our store at discounted rates based on their condition, helping to minimize your losses.

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"Partnering with Prima to fulfill our online orders gives me the confidence that our customers are going to receive the same care and service if I packed each order myself."

—Michael Butterworth, cofounder Etkin

“Prima has been instrumental in us expanding our business into the new territory of the North America regions. Their fulfillment service is simple, easy to use and reliable. The response time is timely and we're always able to work out issues and develop continuous improvement together as we grow our business and add extra SKU's. Prima's fulfillment pricing structure is logical, easy to understand and fair. We have especially found they have been supportive with as little as only a few SKU's and can see a clear path to scaling together and adding more SKU's.”

—Jack Hatfield, founder NitroPress

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who qualifies to be a part of Prima’s Fulfillment Services Program?

We are actively looking for manufacturers engaged in direct-to-consumer sales in the US who are in search of a warehousing and logistics partner. Additionally, we are keen on collaborating with manufacturers who require a reliable partner to efficiently distribute wholesale orders to other resellers. If your business aligns with these needs, we are well-equipped to provide comprehensive solutions and foster a mutually beneficial partnership.

How does it work?

Our initial step involves collaborating with you to craft a contract that aligns seamlessly with your company's specific objectives. Following this, you can send us your products for secure storage within our expansive 60,000 sq. ft warehouse space. We take charge of fulfilling both wholesale and retail orders on your behalf, and the associated per-unit fee will be calculated based on factors such as the product's weight, dimensions, and specific processing requirements.

Why choose Prima over a dedicated logistics company?

At heart, we’re passionate coffee people just like you. Our understanding of your product and your customers allows us to connect with your brand on a meaningful level. Beyond just fulfillment and warehousing, products that meet our qualifications may be integrated into our online catalog and gain the benefits of Prima’s marketing and strategic sales initiatives. This symbiotic relationship presents an opportunity for mutual benefit and growth.