Our Roots

We are a specialty coffee equipment supplier based out of Louisville, Kentucky. From our inception, we have set out to make the best coffee brewing equipment available to the general public.

Barista Bash by Prima Coffee Matt Galyon of Prima Coffee Lee Sill of Prima Coffee

Whether it be espresso machines, manual brewing devices, or general coffee shop needs, we seek to pursue the most innovative coffee products both domestic and abroad to offer our customers. While our Prima Coffee site has only been live since the fall of 2009, Prima LLC has roots with a family owned refrigeration sales and service company that began in the 1940s and which still operates and shares warehouse space with Prima Coffee to this day.

The passion for coffee is clearly seen in our team which consists of former baristas, home coffee roasters, and wannabe coffee aficionados.Follow our coffee journey by selecting the Blog top of the page.

Contact and Connect

If you have any questions or have a product you’d like to see us carry, e-mail us at sales@primacoffee.com or give us a call at 1-888-837-7892.

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