Open Positions

Porcelain Decorator


Louisville has great coffee. Cafes like Quills, Sunergos, and hundreds of other coffee roasters across the US (and the world) pour their best specialty drinks into Ancap porcelain. Ancap USA customizes those pieces right here in Louisville, and we need a detail-oriented porcelain decorator. Deftness is the primary skill we are looking for. We need a decorator whose skills reflect the balance of art and science that Ancap is known for in porcelain decorating.


  • Assist the Ancap Custom Team with decal application on cups and saucers.
  • Able to sit (or stand) for extended periods of time while decorating custom pieces
  • Able to focus and meet general production requirements such as speed and excellent accuracy.
  • Psst! We can tell you more about decorating in-person, our process is a secret.
  • Desired Qualifications

  • Attentive to detail. Able to complete repetitive tasks without making mistakes.
  • Flexible. Willing to assist in jobs outside of normally assigned tasks. Willing to spend more or less time on certain projects as needed.
  • Naturally curious. Willing to seek out answers to questions and not get stuck at the first obstacle.
  • Able to lift boxes about 40 lbs.
  • Scheduled & Effective Communicator. Proactive about communicating availability well in advance of scheduled work.
  • What to Expect

  • Perfect part-time job for students.
  • Flexible clock-in/clock-out time. (Just need to meet minimum total decorating time per week, and communicate with our staff.)/li>
  • As a DBA of Prima, LLC, Ancap USA employees take part in a company culture that seeks to help employees and customers cultivate the enjoyment of life. Our team is dedicated to excellence, care for people, integrity in our work, and entrepreneurial creativity.
  • Fridays include donuts and bagels for all employees, and some of the finest coffee beans are always ready to be brewed on some of our favorite home and commercial brewing methods, in our showroom. Employees are encouraged to use their breaks to increase their skill and enjoyment of brewing great coffee and espresso drinks.

  • Prima Coffee Equipment is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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    Commercial Sales Manager


    The Commercial Sales Manager is responsible for leading commercial sales and services initiatives. This role involves providing sales and customer service support for commercial equipment from web, phone and other contacts. Additionally, the role is a component of a greater effort to help commercial customers with the full process of business development, equipment selection and consulting services. This position must both care for the customer and be entrepreneurial looking for ways that both Prima and the customer can financially benefit from the relationship. This role requires an organized creativity that can envision how to care for the customer and put together the programs and offerings to make that care possible.

    Program Development

    The foundation of the Commercial Service Program is in place, but there is still room for finalizing its structure and details. Therefore, this role comprises three related components: Commercial Services Program development, Commercial Services program operation and commercial customer service and sales. While there will always be a need for program improvement, as the commercial services program is developed further, the program will need less development time and more time operating and promoting it. During the development of the commercial services program, the Commercial Sales Manager will be assisted by other members of the customer service and sales team in regards to customer service and equipment training.


    • Care for customers through commercial customer service and sales.
      • Take calls and answer emails related to commercial equipment.
      • Advise customers on equipment with support from other members of the Prima team.
      • Provide equipment quotes.
      • Coordinate equipment installation.
      • Look for opportunities to offer customers some versions of our build out services.
      • Asist other sales and customer service teammates as needs arise.
    • Spearhead the ongoing development and launch of the commercial services program.
      • Finalize the system and programs for working with the customers who are building, renovating, or expanding shops and cafes.
      • Review the consultation offering of various package levels to be sold as a service.
      • Oversee stock equipment lists, menu suggestions, and bar layouts that can be modified based on individual customer consultation.
      • Plan business development services for clients including, business model planning, vision casting, HR development, branding and marketing.
      • Consider the need for outside advisors to recommend to the clients like HR professionals, CPAs, atournies ect.
      • Advise the procurement team about new equipment Prima should offer.
      • Work with the marketing team to create any needed promotional material.
    • Oversee all aspects of the Commercial Services Program under the leadership of the Sales and Customer Service Director.
      • Serve as the lead coach to help the customer through a series of consulting calls to plan and launch new coffee shops and cafes.
      • Lead a team to consult with customers about all aspects of their new venture including business planning, market research, shop layout, business launch, equipment needs, marketing, HR considerations and other topics as related to operation of a coffee shop. (It is not necessary for the Commercial Sales Manager to have expertise in every area noted above because the consulting calls can be a team effort.)
      • Offer equipment recommendations to the customer for all categories.
      • Oversee and process new commercial equipment sales.
      • Promote commercial services program wherein Prima can source all necessary equipment for a cafe.
      • Coordinate equipment installation with a technician.
      • Create strategy and work with the marketing team to advertise and promote the program through outbound effort.
    • Benefits:

    • Awesome Coffee and Donuts on Fridays
    • Flexible Schedule
    • Warm Company Culture
    • Prima offers competitive compensation and growth opportunities commensurate with experience, education and other credentials. We also offer a comprehensive benefits package including medical insurance, dental insurance, paid holidays, paid time off, and company-sponsored retirement plan.

    Prima Coffee Equipment is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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    Director of Sales and Customer Service


    Flowing out of Prima's core purpose of cultivating the enjoyment of life, the Director of Sales and Customer Service oversees a team composed of both teammates assigned to sales and teammates dedicated to customer service. Customer service is rooted in a care for people that seeks to eliminate problems and overcome obstacles. Sales seeks to provide the customer with products, resources, and services in a way that will serve the customer and provide profit to the company. The Director of Sales and Customer Service is privileged with coaching the teammates toward excellence and the greatest embodiment of Prima's values. There are frequent opportunities to take initiative and creatively identify new ways to implement the broad vision from leadership with active efforts to increase sales and improve customer care.


    • Lead the sales and customer service team to pursue excellence.
      • Work closely with the General Manager to attract, onboard, and retain high-potential sales and customer service team members whose values align with Prima’s vision and culture.
      • Coach and train team members to amplify strengths and capabilities while supporting them on their individual paths to their full potential.
      • Seek the best in performance, development, growth and success for yourself and each member of the sales and customer service team.
      • Support and directly assist the team members when needed, and manage escalated situations to satisfactory resolutions.
    • Champion sales efforts with an entrepreneurial spirit.
      • Coordinate with other departments to maximize efforts to advance the company’s vision, goals, and objectives.
      • Implement and improve upon customer service procedures and policies to demonstrate care and value for all people involved, especially the customers, fellow employees and owners.
      • Create and champion sales initiatives to advance Prima’s vision, enhance sales and profitability, and deliver maximum value and benefits to customers.
      • Monitor progress toward goals through reports and conversations that measure sales activities, support decision-making, and help ensure accountability for results.
    • Promote care for others through customer service.
      • Monitor and evaluate customer satisfaction in quantitative and qualitative terms.
      • Foster an ethos of authentic care among the customer service team.
      • Combine care for others with entrepreneurialism to identify and implement creative solutions that provide the most benefits to customers and Prima.
      • Create customer service procedures, programs and practices that retain and optimize relationships with customers.

    Sales and Customer Service Department

    The department pursues the dual objectives of sales growth and maximum customer service with team members who specialize and focus their individual time and attention to either or both areas in varying degrees. These distinct areas and efforts are singularly managed in one department because of the relationship, interactivity and frequent overlap between them. Specific roles / positions on the team currently include:

    • Technical Service Lead who is responsible for technical advising, troubleshooting, equipment installation and repair.
    • Ancap Sales Manager who oversees the Ancap brand with special emphasis on generating sales.
    • Two Customer Service Associates who serve and respond to customers via email, phone and chat communications.
    • Commercial Sales Manager who leads effort to sell equipment and consultation services to commercial coffee customers.

    Desired Qualifications and Traits

    • Personal Traits

    • Principled professional with the highest levels of character, integrity and ethics. You must be a person who can be entrusted to lead and work closely with customers, assigned team members, other employees, and suppliers.
    • Dependable, motivated self-starter with a solid work ethic, positive attitude, and natural orientation to serve others with heart and enthusiasm.
    • Continuous learner with the desire to learn, develop and grow on your path to your own full potential.
    • Education and Experience

    • Minimum 3 years’ experience in leading inside sales and customer service functions, ideally in a distribution business.
    • Capabilities and Professional Traits

    • Professional demeanor with customer orientation and great interpersonal skills for interacting and working well within a team.
    • Clear, effective verbal and written communications skills to deal effectively with people face-to-face (including virtual meetings), on the phone and via e-mail. Also must be able to write routine correspondence and reports in a professional manner.
    • Excellent organizational and time management skills, with strong goal orientation and commitment to deliver results that meet or exceed expectations.
    • Personal drive and initiative to complete work fully, accurately, on time and to high quality standards.
    • Core math skills, with the ability to perform basic arithmetic functions (add, subtract, multiply, divide), apply percentages, and calculate ratios to practical business situations.
    • PC user skills, particularly with Windows, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, internet browsers and web-based applications.
    • Ability to define and analyze problems, collect and compile data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions.
    • Ability to stand and walk with the physical strength necessary to periodically lift items up to 50 pounds.
    • Other Details:

    • This is a full-time, exempt (salaried) position with regular “first shift” hours Monday through Friday, with periodic work required outside normal business hours as needed.
    • The position requires onsite work in our Louisville office.
    • May require periodic travel to visit customers, suppliers, company and industry events, etc.
    • Prima offers competitive compensation and growth opportunities commensurate with experience, education and other credentials. We also offer a comprehensive benefits package including medical insurance, dental insurance, paid holidays, paid time off, and company-sponsored retirement plan.

    Prima Coffee Equipment is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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