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Video Vault: Baratza Forte Comparisons and Tutorials

Baratza Forte video

The Baratza Forté is the newest coffee and espresso grinder on the planet – what in the world is it all about? We've pitted it against some classics and peeked under the hood to help get the word out: this grinder's got guts!

Baratza Forte Review: 3 Reasons You'll Love this Grinder

Baratza Forté coffee and espresso grinder review

Fresh from the vaults of innovation, the Forté has arrived. So what's the chatter about? This review will get you close and cozy with Baratza's newest grinder, where you'll find out if it's really hot stuff — or all hype.

Film: Relive Coffee Fest's Best Moments

Coffee Fest highlights film

Coffee Fest is behind us, but we're still reeling from awesomeness overload. If you missed out on the exciting weekend, we'll bring you up to speed with this mini documentary.

Coffee Fest Report or: How We Survived Day 3

Coffee Fest Chicago day 3

It's been a heckuva weekend but, as Nelly Furtado once told me, all good things come to an end. Let's take a teary-eyed look at what happened on our last day at Coffee Fest Chicago.

Coffee Fest Report or: How We Defeated Day 2

Coffee Fest Day 2

Ah, a new day. It’s smooth sailing from here. We’ve learned the lay of the land, found a rhythm, and – most remarkably – caught up on sleep. So what went down on day two?

Coffee Fest Report or: How We Conquered Day 1

Coffee Fest Day 1

And we’re off! Day one of Coffee Fest Chicago was all sorts of crazy. A dozen coffees and a pile of pizza later, we're feeling a second wind and we're ready to take on the weekend. First, a look back at Friday’s festivities.

Day 0: Gearing Up for Coffee Fest

Coffee Fest Day 0

Later, Louisville — Chicago hollered and we hauled off! Coffee Fest is just hours away and we're finally here, ready to roll.

Your Big Break: Frisbee Fest is THIS Weekend!

Frisbee Fest at Coffee Fest

Cruising to Coffee Fest this week? Check out Frisbee Fest, the unofficial Coffee Fest halftime show. This weekend, we're taking a break from the exhibit hall to just plain play. Our game of choice? Ultimate frisbee.

Win Pizza with Prima: We Want to Meet You in Chicago!

Pizza with Prima

Chicago has more than one claim to fame. It's home to Michael Jordan, the Magnificent Mile, Obama, and Da Bears. And it's a great coffee city, too. But when any foodie visits the Windy City, their sights are on one thing: pizza. Let us buy you a slice!

Coffee Fest 2013: Chicagoland or Bust

Navy Pier, location of Coffee Fest Chicago 2013

Coffee Fest is back in Chicago — are you ready? This is one of the most fun weekends in the coffee world and we hope that you'll come play. Read on to see where we'll be.

Boston Translation or: A Soulful Synopsis of SCAA

SCAA recap blog, written by Chris Elliott for Prima Coffee Equipment

Eleven days and a thousand miles separate me from my last morning in Boston. Swag sorted, coffee stashed, and sleep recovered, I'm back to normal life in Louisville. Back to writing at a desk, breathing warm, Kentucky air and sleeping in my own bed. Back to wishing I was in Boston.

SCAA 2013: Boston-bound and It Feels So Good

Boston skyline, location of the 2013 SCAA Event

Pack your bags and fasten your seatbelts — we're going to Boston! SCAA is back in Beantown for the 25th annual expo and you're invited. Join us!

Save Big with Bobby Bunsen: 20% off Siphons and Burners!

Robert Bunsen's birthday deal: sale on siphons and butane burners

Ten score and two years ago, little Bobby Bunsen was born. To a nearly neanderthal society he introduced the Bunsen burner, delighting chemists and 19th-century hipsters all over Germany. More than 200 years later, the legacy of Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen lives on. We're celebrating Herr Robert's birthday with deals on the coffee gear we know he'd be proud of.

Latte Heart Winner Announced

Does Valentine's Day get you down? Take heart: there's enough love to go around. You sent in 60+ latte art photos this week and, shucks, we're feeling all warm and fuzzy inside! But that's enough fluff — let's talk business.

We've reviewed the entries, tallied your votes, and applied an advanced algorithm to determine who deserves the prize. Folks, we have a winner.

Christmas Crunchtime: Daily Deals for the Last Minute Shopper

daily deals for christmas

Hard to believe that Christmas is next week! Before you hyperventilate, we have some last minute deals we're rolling out for those that still need to cross some items off their list. If you haven't grabbed one of our recently updated brewing bundles, keep an eye on this page for the week. Each day we're going to be unveiling a new deal, culminating in two giveaways at the end of the week to celebrate the season and say "thank you" to you, the best customers around.

Half Off Craft Coffee!

Craft Coffee coupon with any brewer purchase

This winter we're teaming up with one of our favorite coffee curators to offer an unbeatably delicious deal. Now through January 6th, buy any brewer on our site and we'll give you $12.50 toward a coffee subscription at Craft Coffee. A month's worth of coffee could cost you as little as $7.49!

An Infographic That Says It All: the Prima Tamp Advantage

Prima Tamp Infographic

  • Who needs an angled tamper?
  • Why bend the handle on a perfectly good tool?
  • What's the deal with the Prima Tamp, anyway?

The Secret Is Out: Introducing the Prima Tamp

Prima Tamp - Adjustable Tamper

Meet the Prima Tamp, the first adjustable-angle espresso tamper. This innovative tool is designed to reduce tamping-related strain so that you can consistently and comfortably prepare tasty espresso. The angled handle gets out of the way so that your wrist and arm stay straight as you press into the coffee, encouraging natural form and effective technique, tamp after tamp. Being adjustable, any barista of any build can use it at any bar.

We Have A Secret...

Its Coming

...and it's almost time for show-and-tell. Louisville's baristas and coffee nerds are pumped about the latest and greatest from Prima Coffee Equipment, coming soon to our store. And you should be too. Ladies and gentlemen, you may take the edge of your seat.


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