Since 1999 Baratza has focused on offering high-quality grinders for coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike. With a long history of innovation in the home and light-commercial grinder sector the company has introduced functionality that has since become hallmarks of quality in their niche—features like grind by weight technology, and stepped macro/micro adjustment for repeatable precision in machines designed to fit perfectly on your kitchen countertop. Beyond just the product quality that is synonymous with the Baratza name you can also count on industry-leading customer service, including direct customer care and warranty support, easy-to-use troubleshooting guides, and parts and instructions for their entire catalog; Baratza grinders are made to last for years and their support helps guarantee that. Whether you need a grinder for your auto-brewer in the morning, a perfect fit for your cafe brew bar, or a companion for your espresso machine, Baratza offers a range of products that are more than worth your consideration.

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