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Originally founded as the coffee arm of a commercial refrigeration company called Vittitow, Prima Coffee has since earned an outsize reputation as a premiere destination for knowledge about and equipment for specialty coffee. This community is the next step in our quest to cultivate the enjoyment of life.

By joining, you'll get access to advanced courses, special deals, expert advice, forums, friends, and more. Plus your coffee will start tasting a whole lot better.

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What You Can Expect

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Prima hosts periodic and always-free events on the community platform, including conversations with coffee coffee professionals, live cuppings, and more. As the community evolves, we hope to hold face-to-face meetings, too, such as meetups, talks, and possibly skills courses.

All members of the Prima Coffee Community are invited to contribute to the ongoing conversations or post their own questions, polls, photos, videos, and more, all on the home page. All posts can be tagged with topics, much like filters, making it easy for other members to find and engage with conversations that matter to them. Current topics range from general questions to grinders.

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The Prima Coffee Community offers beginner and advanced courses (and soon, intermediate courses, too) for the budding to expert coffee and espresso enthusiast. With the current course lineup, beginners can learn the basic concepts and techniques involved in making espresso, brewing a proper pour over, and equipment; and veterans can dig a little deeper into the art and science of espresso and pour over. The catalogue will continue to expand, with early 2023 seeing a course in latte art taught by an expert in the field.

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