Video Overview | Marco ColdBRU Commercial Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Video Overview | Marco ColdBRU Commercial Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Jan 8th 2024 Written by Ryan Felbinger


I'm Ryan from Prima and this is the Marco ColdBRU Commercial Coffee Maker.

Marco ColdBRU

Fetco CBS-2232 NG Brewer

Fast, Efficient Batch Cold Brew

ColdBRU is a simple and effective approach to brewing up to five gallons of ready to drink cold brew or two and a half gallons of concentrate at an average of 19% extraction and 4% TDs utilizing a simple quarter inch push fit connect to cold water and a built in flow meter and the showerhead Cold Brew utilizes percolation to brew with precise measurements. And in a period of just 45 minutes for RTD or up to 3 hours for concentrate compared to immersion methods like Toddy, ColdBRU’s percolative functionality saves more than a dozen hours of total brew time, increases yield by up to 30% and allows for greater consistency through precise programmable automated brewing profiles. Better yet, the cold brew system utilizes an integrated metal filter and requires no paper filters. Saving you money with every brew.

With ColdBRU, cafe owners can create the ultimate cold brew delivery system by combining the unit with Marco's POUR’d beverage dispenser, which connects directly to ColdBRU’s collection container port allows for volumetric dispensing of cold brew as well as precision hot or cold water dilution for cold brew concentrate, allowing you to deliver multiple volumes and strength of cold brew based beverages with one touch of a button. If you're interested in combining these two systems for the ultimate cold brew setup, reach out to our sales team for guidance on choosing the right hardware.

ColdBRU allows for up to five user created profiles, allowing you to save profiles for ready to drink strength or cold brew concentrate as desired. ColdBRU’s sweet spot is around two and a half to five pounds of medium fine ground coffee brewed at a ratio of around 1 to 5 or 1 to 6, yielding about one and a half to two gallons of concentrate, able to be diluted, up to five gallons of RTD. Detailed profile options allow you to record and program, brew time, control water volume and specify the initial infusions percentage of the total water, ensuring hassle free batch brewing. With ColdBRU’s user-friendly interface Baristas can master the task of using this machine within minutes, making it one of the most simple and effective solutions on the market.

That's the Marco ColdBRU Coffee Maker. Check it out at Thanks for watching!

Jan 8th 2024 Ryan Felbinger

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