Official Mahlkonig Distributor, Source your Mahlkonig Grinders from Prima Coffee Equipment, Shop Now.
Official Mahlkonig Distributor, Source your Mahlkonig Grinders from Prima Coffee Equipment, Shop Now.
mahlkonig e65s grinding coffee into portafilter

Scalability and Efficiency

As your cafe grows, you need equipment that will support your evolving needs. Mahlkonig grinders offer speed, accuracy, grinding precision, and a superior overall profile compared to other grinders on the market. With Mahlkonig grinders, you can focus less on dialing in shots and wasting coffee and more on crafting memorable beverages for your customers.

Partnering with Prima for sourcing your Mahlkonig grinders not only gives you the advantage of competitive pricing for these high end grinders, but it also allows you access to the bredth of knowledge and support that comes with working with the Prima team.

Solutions for Espresso Applications

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I am not new to the coffee world. This grinder exceeds my expectations! Ryan was very helpful, the grinder shipped fast and arrived in three days. Perfect transaction.

Robert F.

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Fantastic espresso grinder, zero retention, and terrific flavors that I have never experienced. If the review allowed 10 stars I would mark it as such. As a vender Prima Coffee Equipment’s team also gets 5 stars.

David M.

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The team at Prima where great to work with in purchasing my Mahlkonig Grinder. It was shipped on the date given and arrived much sooner than I though it would using standard shipping.

Charles R.

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two mahlkonig grinders sitting side by side.
two mahlkonig grinders sitting side by side.

Our daily interactions with Prima and its staff are always kind, courteous and responsive. Prima is the connector piece in many ways and we value this connection immensely and innumerably.

—Dose Coffee & Tea

The Prima Edge

When you look for an equipment partner, competitive pricing, robust financing options, comprehensive product offerings, and exceptional pre and post-purchase support are a must.

Prima is uniquely positioned to offer all of these advantages thanks to our experienced team and over a decade in the specialty as well as our status as an official Mahlkonig distributor in the United States.

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We have had the best experience working with Prima. Prima's always had excellent customer support, an intuitive interface, and has been a wonderful partner to work with for the past decade. We're excited to see their drive for excellence and integrity continue to push the industry forward.

—Noble Coffee Roasting

Parts & Warranty Support

When your grinder goes down in your cafe it can be a stressful situation that you don't want to wait long to fix. As an official Mahlkonig Distributor, we have access to all Mahlkonig parts as well as an in-house service technician who can make repairs on your grinder.

Commercial Financing Options

We know that financing can be a valuable tool when balancing the cash flow of a growing business. We are able to offer flexible and affordable financing options that will give you the advantage when it comes to scaling your cafe.

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Solutions for Coffee Applications

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Your Commercial Services Team

You need a partner you can trust, and with our decades of experience in the Specialty Coffee Industry, we are just the team you are looking for.

  • Matt Stevenson

    Director of Sales

  • James Weiler

    Commercial Sales & Services Manager

  • John Erler

    Service Lead

  • Allie Dunn

    Customer Service Lead

  • Copley Allen

    Customer Service

  • Gregg Potter

    Business Operations Manager

  • Ryan Felbinger

    Product Manager

Ready to Chat?

We know that making big purchasing decisions for you business can be overwhelming. Let us help take some of the guess work out of it for you. Thanks to our extensive equipment knowledge and years of experience helping cafes launch and grow, we can offer a unique perspective that will answer a lot of the questions that you have floating around. Our position as an Official Mahlkonig Distributor in the US gives us the ability to offer top tier service for all Mahlkonig products.

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Mahlkonig e65s
Mahlkoing E65S: Among the quietest commercial grinders and allows for quick grind time changes without navigating into a menu. The unique burr geometry and sharpness of the cutting surface also improves extraction quality when compared to common Italian flat and conical burrs.
Mahlkonig E80 Supreme: Boasts the fastest dose output of any commercial grinder on the market dosing 18g in 2.9 seconds or less. Its spacious body & dual fan technology signigficantly reduces heat buildup, allowing the grinder to be used non-stop without rest from morning to night.
Mahlkonig e80s
Mahlkonig e80s gbw
Grind by Weight Technology: With GbW technology your output dose will remain consistent to within0.1g no matter how the grind setting is changed. GbW negates any need to adjust grind time after grind size has been manipulated, preventing waste and saving your baristas time in a rush.

mahlkonig e65s grinding coffee into portafilter

A Longterm Investment

Mahlkonig grinders are an investment in the longevity of your cafe. As you grow, you want equipment that will support your increased volume in speed, quality, consistency, and ease of maintenance. With Mahlkonig grinders, you are checking all of those boxes and putting yourself two steps ahead moving forward.

Q: Who do I contact about servicing my grinder?

A: Our in-house technician will be your point-of-contact for all service and warranty support. We have access to all necessary parts and will be able to service your grinder and get you back up and running ASAP.

Q: How do I decide which grinder best fits my needs?

A: That is our specialty. We have loads of experience with these grinders and can help you decide which one is best for you so that you don't over or under buy. Get in touch with a member of our team and they can walk you through the decision-making process.

Q: Do you carry more commercial equipment?

A: We do! We have a comprehensive catalog that can provide you with full build-out services. We offer consulting on cafe upgrades, build-outs, and expansions and would be happy to talk more with you about your current needs.