Mahlkonig EK43 S Commercial Coffee Grinder

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We now offer alignment services for new EK43 and EK43S grinders! Just add one of the following services with your grinder and complete your checkout. Click the links here for additional information. Please note an additional lead time applies.

  • Burr Shimming: Our technician will place steel shims under your burrs to correct alignment to within 0.01 mm of perfectly parallel. This process is reversible and does not incur any modifications to the grinder's parts.

  • Chamber Sanding: Our technician will carefully sand your grind chamber so burrs are mounted within 0.01 mm of perfectly parallel. This process is not reversible and permanently modifies grinder parts.


It's been a long time coming, and now it's finally here. Legendary EK43 performance in a more compact package: say hello to the EK43 S!


62.83 lbs
14.75 in
26.5 in
21.75 in


Since 2013, the coffee industry has lauded the Mahlkonig EK43 as a game-changer of a coffee grinder, known for its superb particle uniformity and high extraction potential without running into bitterness. Now, the EK43 S is here to make the game-changer even easier to fit into your bar workflow, not to mention easier to fit under your cabinets or shelves. Inside is the same power and performance you'd expect from an EK43 - the 98 mm cast steel burrs, the 1.75 horsepower motor, the familiar stepless grind adjustment dial are all the same as the base EK43. Even the optimizations that were introduced in early 2018 are all here: a new stainless steel shear plate designed to stand up better to short-burst use for small doses, a redesigned aluminum burr holder with a new pre-breaker, plus new on/off buttons with a much higher push count rating than before.

The most notable change is the most obvious, which is that the EK43 S is about 4 inches shorter, moreso if you opt for the flip-top short hopper (which you can add to your order when you click Add to Cart above). This was a highly requested change for the grinder, with so many cafes using the EK43 for smaller doses for batch brew, manual pour over, espresso, or even just retail bags, rather than full 5 lb hoppers. The reduced height brings the EK43 S down to about 27 inches, but with the optional short hopper installed it will stand about 22 inches tall. With no hopper attached, the grinder stands about 17 inches tall. Clearance under the spout and bag clamp are also reduced to about 6 inches, so a full 5 lb bulk bag will be difficult to grind into, but shaker tins, portafilters, and other small containers will have no problem.

Need a short hopper instead of the taller standard hopper? Just send us an email or give us a call and we'll switch them out free of charge.

What's in the box:

  • EK43 S Coffee Grinder
  • 800 g hopper
  • Grinds catch tray
  • User manual


  • Powerful commercial grinding performance
  • 98 mm flat burrs with superior grind uniformity
  • Stepless grind adjustment with customizable grind range calibration
  • 800 gram tall hopper included, short flip-top hopper available
  • Spout with bag clamp included
  • Updated pre-breaker, shear plate, and grinding chamber optimized for single dosing and small batch grinding
  • Perfect for filter, batch brew, and cupping. Can be used for espresso if alignment tools are used to optimize performance
  • Smaller stature fits more compact settings and saves space


Model: EK43 S
Burr style: Flat
Burr material: Cast steel with machined cutting edges
Burr size: 98 mm
Motor: 1300 W, 1.75 hp
Hopper capacity: 800 g (short hopper available)
Power: 100-120 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 9.1 in (W) x 27.00 in (H) with standard hopper x 16.14 in (D)
Weight: 54 lbs
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5/15/2019 2:12:07 PM

3 / 5 stars

Mahlkonig needs better quality control

I recently got the EK43 S and have experience two manufacturing defects. (1) The "off-button" stopped working after a week and (2) the grinder was quite misaligned when it got here. (2) is no surprise as Scott Rao has mentioned that only 10% of the EK43 come with a decent alignment out of the box. This implies spending 300 extra bucks to get the Titus alignment kit plus a navigating through a steep learning curve (of at least 6 hours) to get the grinder aligned. For (1) Prima coffee has been great in contacting Mahlkoning and I'm currently in the process of getting it fix. To be honest, this defects are not acceptable for the price tag that the grinder carries.

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