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Your Big Break: Frisbee Fest is THIS Weekend!

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Frisbee Fest at Coffee Fest

Cruising to Coffee Fest this week? No shortage of excitement awaits on the show floor but, if you're like us, you'll want a chance to stretch your legs and catch a breath of fresh air. How should you go about that?

Check out Frisbee Fest, the unofficial Coffee Fest halftime show. This weekend, we're taking a break from the exhibit hall to just plain play. Our game of choice? Ultimate frisbee.

And we want you on our team!

Are you in?

Meet us at Chicago's Grant Park, near Logan Monument, on Saturday morning. Snacks and Caffé Streets' coffee will be waiting for you. We'll split into teams, sling discs for a few hours, and slip back into the show by noon.

Bring your friends, your boss, your dog, anyone. Game on!

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