Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder (Eclipse Edition)

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  • Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder
  • Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder
  • Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder
  • SSP Multi-Purpose Burrs
  • Mazzer M33 Burrs
  • Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder
  • Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder


For a limited time, Acaia will include Eclipse Edition accessories and an extended warranty while supplies last!

  • What's in the Box

  • Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder - Eclipse x 1
  • Power Cable x 1
  • Spout Extender x 1
  • 58 mm Portafilter Dosing Cup (M) with Magnetic Pad x 1
  • Lunar Magnetic Strip x 2
  • Lunar Magnetic Strips Application Tool x 1
  • Extended product support for 18 months
  • Custom Orbit Eclipse Edition hat
  • Custom Orbit Eclipse Edition enamel pin
  • 53 mm Acaia dosing cup
  • Antistatic brush
  • Weigh to Brew Notebook
  • Serialized number plate
Dosing with Acaia Orbit Coffee grinder

The Next Generation Of Single-Dosing Grinders

It’s an exciting time to be a coffee enthusiast. More than ever, advanced technologies that were once exclusive to cafe environments have now made their way into the prosumer market, blurring the lines between professional and home coffee grinders. Developed in collaboration with the renowned Weber Workshops team, Acaia’s Orbit coffee and espresso grinder stands as a single-dose platform designed to push the boundaries of what's achievable in a grinder priced under $2000. It offers low retention, a full range of grind sizes for various brew methods, and a plethora of innovative digital features for limitless experimentation and workflow optimization.

Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder

64mm Burr Platform

The Orbit arrives equipped with a choice between two commercial-grade 64mm flat burr sets: Mazzer’s 33M, ideal for those seeking a more traditional espresso and high-body brew experience, or the SSP Multi-Purpose burr set, tailored to the contemporary preference for high-clarity espresso and filter coffee. And the innovation doesn't end there—aftermarket 64mm burr options are abundant and continually evolving, enabling users to effortlessly adjust the grinder's flavor profile by simply swapping out hardware. Opting for a widely used burr size like 64mm ensures you can stay current with brewing trends without the need to invest in an entirely new grinder.

Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder

A Step Beyond The Competition

The Orbit takes innovation to new heights with an array of cutting-edge digital features. These include auto-stop functionality, customizable button actions, adjustable purge duration and speed, a versatile RPM range of 600-1500, and the capacity to craft RPM profiles featuring two speeds. When connected via Bluetooth with Acaia’s Lunar scale, it even offers programmable grind-by-time and grind-by-weight options. The Orbit app consolidates control over numerous settings, thoughtfully designed to enhance functionality and streamline workflow for a personalized grinding experience. And if that weren't impressive enough, the Orbit boasts precision tolerances of 10 microns for burr flatness and 20 microns for concentricity in the motor drive shafts. This ensures impeccable burr alignment and a consistent grind uniformity. It's a challenge to imagine how more value could be packed into a prosumer grinder within this price range.

  • flat burr icon

    64mm Mazzer or SSP Burrs

  • stepless icon

    Stepless Grind Adjustment

  • time icon

    Grind-by-Time and Grind-by-Weight Tech

  • meter icon

    Adjustable RPM between 600-1500

More Features

Customizable Button Actions

Bluetooth connectivity with Orbit app and Lunar scale

Precision Tolerances For Optimal Burr Alignment

Brushless DC Motor

Low Retention Design


Manufacturer: Acaia
Model: Orbit
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Hopper Capacity: 20 grams
Burr Size: 64mm
Motor: 200W Brushless DC
Materials: Aluminum, PC, Stainless Steel
Warnings: CA Prop 65 Warning
Duty Cycle: 60s on / 30s off
Dimensions: 394mm (H) x 108mm (W) x 266mm (D)
Duty Cycle: 45 Seconds On/180 Seconds Off
Power: 100-240v, 200w, 50/60hz
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Warranty Information

18 Month Manufacturer Warranty
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