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AeroPress and Reusable Disk Stainless Filter

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The AeroPress® is an easy and versatile way to make great coffee. Made completely of BPA-free plastic, the AeroPress® is virtually indestructable and great for travel. Because of it’s pressure-brewing design, you can can make a standard-ratio cup of coffee, or a concentrated espresso-like brew, and brewing times can take as little as 30-45 seconds! An excellent choice for a quick morning cup or for brewing at the office. The AeroPress® comes standard with paper filters, and we’ve created this pairing with the very impressive Able Disk stainless steel filter! The Disk allows for more of the natural oils of the coffee to pass, making for a more nuanced yet clean cup. The Disk is reusable and made of durable, high quality stainless steel, producing no waste or paper taste. The AeroPress® and Disk make for a wonderful gift for the novice or expert home coffee lover!


  • The AeroPress® is a single-serving coffee brewer that is capable of producing very complex brews of coffee.
  • With the AeroPress®, you can make a cup of coffee quickly and not sacrifice on quality.
  • The Disk brings a reusable alternative to the paper filters, while producing a more full-bodied and complex cup.

See what the founder of the Aerobie Aeropress says about his unique invention:


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For a company responsible for churning out flying discs used in recreation, the designers at Aerobie have demonstrated that creativity can be used in a multitude of different venues. With their highly rated AeroPress coffee maker, Aerobie has proven itself to be a skillful competitor in the specialty coffee equipment manufacturer category. The AeroPress design is simple, yet ingenious. It implements a variety of different brew methods, utilizing good qualities of each. Because of its versatility, low cost, and ease of use, the AeroPress has quickly become a favorite for home coffee brewers.

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5 / 5 stars

a perfect cup of coffee wherever you may need it.

for one who enjoys a cup of fresh brewed coffee, there has always been a problem with how to get the perfect cup when not at home or in your favorite shop. sure on your kitchen counter you can have your burr grinder, your able kone, your chemex, and can procure a perfectly extracted cup of coffee when you desire. but what about when you are on a road trip? what if you are at the office and do not want anything to do with the antichrist of a machine in the break room? (i speak of the k-cup of course) that is where the aeropress + able disc come in handy. coupled with a hand grinder you can have the your perfect cup and be able to stow all your equipment in your bag or in your desk drawer. the aeropress is one of the easiest devices to clean, and combined with the able disc you do not have to worry about bringing a ton of filters with you. just rinse and dry. i have taken these two not only to work but also on backpacking trips on the Appalachian Trail, and couldn't ask for anything better. so don't wait a moment longer and get this greatly priced combo in your hands.

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