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Astoria AL Steamer | 1 or 2 Steam Wands with Hot Water Dispenser

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Astoria has developed an entire line of espresso machines that are suitable for a number of market demands. But maybe your situation isn’t in demand of espresso. Whether it’s for hot chocolates, tea au laits, or one of your own creations, maybe the only thing you need is a steam wand, or two.

Available with either 1 or 2 steam wands, the AL Steamer is engineered to produce dry steam in quantity. And while this machine should not be used as your only source of hot water, say for pour overs and such, the AL Steamer does include a hot water tap, perfect for tea or simply rinsing off your stirring spoon.

What's in the box:

  • Astoria AL Steamer
  • Water pump not included (must be connected to direct water line)

Standard Features:

  • 1 or 2 steam wands
  • Hot water dispenser
  • Turn-style steam knobs
  • Stainless steel steam wands
  • Brushed stainless steel rear and side panels
  • Galvanized steel frame.
  • Maximum pitcher clearance is 10.5 in.
  • 12 months part coverage warranty
  • 3 months labor warranty
Model: Astoria AL/1 Steamer Astoria AL/2 Steamer
Boiler capacity: 7.0 L 12.0 L
Height: 19.5 in 19.5 in
Width: 17.5 in 26.5 in
Depth: 20.5 in 20.5 in
Shipping Weight: 98 lbs 129 lbs
Voltage: 110 V 110 or 220 V
Amps: 16.6 23.8 or 12.7
Heating Element Wattage: 2000 2600
Drain Hole Diameter: 2.5 in 2.5 in
Specification sheet: 


Astoria is an Italian-based espresso machine manufacturing company focused on providing quality machines at an affordable price. Aside from their affordability, espresso machines produced by Astoria are known for their longevity and ability to produce exceptional espresso based beverages. For those looking for a quality commercial espresso machine on a budget, Astoria is the machine for you.
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