Barista Hustle Espresso Bundle

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  • Barista Hustle Espresso Bundle
  •  Barista Hustle Espresso Bundle


Premium Espresso Tools

With the Barista Hustle Espresso Bundle, you'll receive everything you need to start making great espresso at home, or simply upgrade your current home espresso setup. The Barista Hustle tamper has a 58.4mm piston for edge-to-edge tamping, and is made from 304 stainless steel, as is the 600mL steaming pitcher that is included in this kit. Also included are two new releases from Barista Hustle: the "Comb" WDT tool, and the "Ring" portafilter funnel. The Ring helps to contain your espresso grounds during distribution to ensure that none of your ground coffee is lost. This bundle is also great for making espresso while traveling while also serving as a fantastic upgrade from stock tampers and other espresso tools.

Barista Hustle Espresso Bundle


  • Includes everything needed to make great espresso at home
  • Great for making espresso while traveling
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