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Barista Hustle Precision Milk Pitcher 400ml

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Essential to flawless latte art is a flawless pitcher. Barista Hustle has sought to create just that, a perfectly aligned pitcher. Meticulously inspected, each and every pitcher must pass an alignment test, through the use of an alignment jig, ensuring that its laser welded handle is within one millimeter of being perfectly aligned with its dribble-resistant spout.

Furthermore, the Precision Milk Pitcher was clearly designed to last, featuring thick 0.9mm stainless steel and an environmentally friendly black space electrocoat, which is actually dissolved into the metal. This means that each pitcher will hold its shape well without its color fading, chipping, or peeling.

For the barista, this means that you no longer have to worry about picking a favorite one in the café, because each 400ml pitcher is as consistent as the next. And if it goes missing or gets run over by a car, you’ll know that it can be replaced.

Additionally, on the inside of the pitcher, it features 6 milk volume indication circles on each side of the spout, helping with repeatability and milk waste elimination; the bottom-most circle denotes 100ml and each one above that is an additional 50ml (400ml is at the very top).

  • Inspected to be perfectly aligned, down to one millimeter
  • Made of thick 0.9mm stainless steel
  • Perfectly aligned handle and spout for consistent and symmetrical pours
  • Laser welded, fully flush handle, guaranteed to last 10 years
  • 400ml capacity
  • Space black environmentally friendly electrocoat, dissolved into the metal, and thus no peeling or chipping
  • Versatile spout created for high accuracy and no dribbling

Barista Hustle

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how’s your milk?


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Not the right size for me.

The size was too small and did not produce any real results in good art making. This pitcher would be good if the only drinks you were making were 10oz or less. Prima was great though, they were quick at helping with the return.

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