Blendtec Stealth 885 Ultra Quiet Blender w/ 2 WildSide+ Jars - S885C2901-B1GB1D

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46 lbs
30 in
15 in
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In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:

  • The Stealth sports a 360-degree sound enclosure for ultra quiet blending
  • Powerful 3.8 hp motor can handle almost any blending job
  • This Stealth package comes with two WildSide+ jars

Quiet. Powerful. Elegant.

Sometimes, stealth is essential to a successful operation. Just ask a secret agent like James Bond; his missions would be impossible if not for covert silence.

Your business operation requires a quiet environment to be successful; your customers want low noise levels so they can carry on conversations. However, if you’re using traditional, noisy blenders, casual chatting is nearly impossible. If your guests are going to have a successful conversation, you’re going to need a little stealth. Blendtec’s ultra quiet Stealth has just the right blend of sound dampening, power, and cutting-edge technology to get the job done.

The Stealth is uniquely equipped to keep up the hustle and minimize the bustle. Its 360-degree sound enclosure and floating motor provide excellent sound dampening that will keep your cafe or restaurant nice and quiet. With blending noise down to a conversational level, your customers and staff can easily communicate while the blender is running. Silence is just as important to the Stealth as it is to a secret agent.

The Stealth is quiet, but that isn’t to say it’s weak. At 3.8 hp, the Stealth easily pulverizes vegetables, fruit, and ice (and almost any other item you can think of). With time-tested motors and a unique blade design, the Stealth has the muscle to handle all of your blending jobs.

While it has ample blending power, you’d be mistaken to think the Stealth is all brawn and no brains. It has a tactile touch pad and 42 pre-programmed blend cycles which can be easily customized on the computer and uploaded to the blender. The Stealth uses cutting-edge technology to make your blending fast and easy.

The Stealth is Blendtec’s most advanced blender yet. It has the silence, power, and smarts to make 007 proud (or at least make him a darn good smoothie). With industry-leading engineering, the Stealth is prepared for any mission.

What's in the box?

  • 1 - Stealth 885 motor base
  • 2 - BPA-free WildSide+ jars
  • 1 - Sound enclosure
  • 1 - Soft lid

Note: In-counter options available. Contact our sales department for more information.


Standard Features

  • 360-degree sound enclosure for ultra quiet blending
  • Powerful 3.8 horsepower motor blends the toughest foods
  • Tactile touch interface for improved button feel
  • Features Blendtec's patented WildSide+ Jar, which has a 5th side for optimal blending
  • Programmable blend cycle buttons with 42 pre-programmed cycles
  • Downloadable blend cycles and custom cycle creation available online
  • Fully enclosed, easy-to-clean blending area
  • Warranty: 3 years parts, labor, & freight
  • Lifetime warranty on motor drive socket


Manufacturer Blendtec
Model Stealth 885
Dimensions (WxDxH) 8 5/8 in. x 9 in. x 17 1/4 in.
Weight 22.3 pounds
HP 3.8
Pre-programmed cycles 42
Warranty 3 years parts, labor, & freight
Motor drive socket warranty Lifetime
Jars 2 WildSide+ Jars
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