Espro P3 Glass French Press - 18 oz & 32 oz

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Espro's signature presses have been a coffee snob favorite for years, and now they're finally available in glass! But like any Espro product, the P3 glass press is no ordinary french press. You still get the patented dual-layer micro-mesh filter for the cleanest press coffee you've ever had, grit-free. Plus, if you're looking for an even cleaner cup you can insert one of the included paper filters The glass carafe is super durable Schott-Duran glass, 40% thicker than most other glass presses to prevent accidental breakage and keep you happily pressing for years to come. There's even a patent-pending lock-in tab on the carafe to keep the glass firmly in place until you're ready to remove it for cleaning. This is one heck of a french press, that ticks all the important boxes from affordability, to heat retention, and of course rich, flavorful brews.

The P3 press is available in two sizes: 18 fl oz to serve 1-2 people, and 32 fl oz to serve 2-3. We recommend hand washing when cleaning.



What's in the box:

  • Espro P3 Glass French Press
  • Dual-layer micro mesh filter
  • 25 paper filters


  • Made of durable Schott-Duran glass - 40% thicker than standard french press carafes for extra strength and heat retention
  • Patented double filter design for cleaner cups and less silt
  • Optional paper filters included for drip-style flavor
  • Available in 32 fl oz (3-4 cups) or 18 fl oz (1-2 cups) sizes
  • BPA, BPS, and phthalate free
  • Patent-pending safety lock secures glass carafe in place
  • Glass made in Germany. Parts made in China.
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Verified Buyer

12/11/2017 12:00:00 AM

5 / 5 stars

Espro 32oz Glass

Makes a really clean cup compared to a regular french press, no more sludge at the bottom of your cup

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Verified Buyer

5/18/2017 12:00:00 AM

5 / 5 stars


Good stuff good people

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Verified Buyer

3/2/2017 12:00:00 AM

4 / 5 stars


You folk had me at double filters. The idea sounded great and works well in real life. Debris and residue is significantly reduced although not eliminated. While I'm glad a paper filter addition is an option, it's not one that interests me. The unit is solid and sturdy; impressive. My only criticisms concern the fill markers. In the first place, they are obscured by the very nice black plastic outer support and secondly, the markings themselves are somewhat deceiving in that different amounts of ground coffee plus 32 oz water equal different "fill points". minir, minor points and I love the unit.did I mention the double filters ??

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