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Global Customized Water AB Formula - 1 or 5 pack

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Global Customized Water's AB Formula is designed with coffee and tea perfection in mind. Water quality can be the difference between a flavorful and delicious brew, and a flat and dull cup of brown water, and with the AB Formula, you can transform a gallon of distilled or reverse osmosis water into water perfectly balanced for coffee extraction. Each dose contains two packets, labeled A and B, which contain solutions of sodium bicarbonate, calcium chloride, and potassium bicarbonate in water. Simply empty each packet into your water, mix, and brew.

The doses couldn't be more compact and portable, making them ideal for brewing on the road, or at events like farmers markets, weddings, and trade shows (we should know, we brewed with it at SCAA 2014!), where proper brewing water may not be available. They can also be an inexpensive way to test and see if a new water treatment system is right for you; just compare coffee brewed with your current water to AB Formula coffee and see which tastes best.


  • Each dose treats one gallon of water
  • Specially formulated for better coffee brewing
  • Contains calcium, potassium, and sodium dissolved in pure water
  • Packet contents intended to be added to water - do no ingest directly
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