The Gabi Master B Drip Master

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On first glance, the Gabi Master B might seem like a curious sort of brewing accessory. Designed to rest atop your desired manual drip brewer, it functions much like the showerhead of an automatic brewer might. Upon pouring water into one of the Master B's concentric reservoirs, water will then evenly drip through the pattern of holes punched through the bottom and into your dripper. This has multiple benefits, not only being extremely easy to use even for a complete novice, but it also offers an even, thorough saturation of your coffee bed, gentle flow of water with minimal agitation, and the two chambers allow you to focus your pours either on the center of your bed or the outer ring without having to practice your aim with a gooseneck.

The Master B holds roughly 100 mL of water total, about 60 of which in the central reservoir cylinder. When full, the inner reservoir delivers water for just over one minute, and the outer reservoir will deliver water for about 30-40 seconds. We do suggest heating your water 5-6 degrees higher than you wish to brew with, as while the Tritan material is a good insulator there is still some surface area exposed to the air where heat loss will occur. Many manual brewing devices will be compatible with the Master B, including the Kalita Wave, Hario V60, December Dripper, Melitta cone, and many more. For Chemex brewers, we have found that the 3, 6, and 8 cup models do fit the Master B, but with a maximum width of 13.5 cm it will not fit the 10 cup models properly.


  • Evenly disperses water across the whole brew bed
  • Fits most pour over drippers - maximum width 13.5 cm
  • Two-section reservoir for targeted brewing
  • 100 mL total capacity: 60 mL center reservoir, 40 mL outer reservoir
  • Made of Tritan plastic
  • Made in Korea
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