Hario Coffee 5 Cup Siphon Sommelier

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Taking design cues from fine wine decanters, Hario's Sommelier siphon is a beautifully crafted take on a classic brewing device. The Sommelier is handcrafted to accentuate the aromas of your coffee, as well as provide a more refined brewing and serving experience. The delicate contours of the glass are more than just show: the serving carafe is designed to leave sediment and fines behind, providing you with a clean and delicious cup of coffe without the mud.

Brewing with the Sommelier is as easy as it is with more traditional siphons. Up to 600 mL (20 fl oz) of water is added to the lower carafe, and the upper bowl is fastened into place. The Sommelier comes with two filters - one metal filter for more full-bodied brews, and one cloth filter for a cleaner but equally delicious cup of coffee. As your water heats with the provided alcohol lamp (or an optional butane burner, as we prefer), you can add your medium-ground coffee to the upper bowl. After a few minutes, the water will begin to be forced upward by the vapor pressure of the gases in the carafe, and will begin to extract your coffee. Now, you can stir the grounds lightly to get them fully wet, and let them steep for 2-3 minutes before removing the heat. As the lower carafe cools, it will create a vacuum and suck the brewed coffee down through the filter, leaving the grounds behind. After that, just remove the upper bowl, discard the grounds and rinse the parts, then set the upper bowl in the provided stand and use the carafe to serve your coffee.

The Hario Sommelier siphon is easy to maintain as well, as the glass parts are dishwasher safe and both filters are easy to maintain. The metal filter should be wiped and rinsed after brewing, and may need an occasional soak in coffee detergent to remove oil buildup. The cloth filter should also be rinsed after each use, and we recommend storing it wet in the refrigerator, either in a small container of water or a plastic zipper bag. To remove stains and oil buildup, the cloth filter may also be soaked briefly in coffee detergent, followed by a thorough rinse.


What's in the box:

  • Upper siphon bowl with steel lid/stand
  • Two filters with spring-chains: one stainless steel, one cotton flannel
  • Serving carafe with silicone grip
  • Metal siphon stand
  • Spirit lamp with wick and shield (fuel not included)
  • Coffee scoop/stirring paddle


  • Design inspired by wine decanters
  • Wide upper bowl offers easy access for grounds and agitation
  • Carafe bowl is tapered to prevent fines from being poured out
  • Removable carafe for easy and convenient service
  • Wide-mouth parts offer easy access for cleanup
  • Brew with a steel filter for a full body, or a cloth filter for a cleaner cup
  • Comfortable silicone grip protects your hand from heat
  • 600 mL (20 fl oz) capacity
  • Optional butane burner available for better heat control
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