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La Marzocco Linea Mini Plumb in Kit

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With the Linea Mini Plumb In Kit by La Marzocco, you will have all the parts necessary to convert your Linea Mini resovoir machine to a plumb in version. This kit comes with the following items:

  • Braided hose for incoming water
  • Clear armored hose for draining the drip tray
  • Installation pieces required for connecting the hoses to your unit
  • Instruction manual to ensure proper installation

Specifications for Plumb In:

  1. 3/8 in. cold water supply.
  2. Water filter required if plumbed (not provided).*
  3. 3/8 in. BSPP cold water supply line suggested max. distribution from water supply is 8 ft.
  4. 3/4 in. flexible drainline (minimum 0.25 in./1 ft. slope).
  5. Sink drain above p-trap.
  6. 120V, 15amp electrical supply to grinder.
  7. 120V electrical supply to espresso machine (plug included).

*See water specifications below for more information regarding choosing the best water filter to meet your needs.

Water Specifications:
T.D.S: 90-150ppm
Total Hardness: 70-100ppm
Total Iron: 0-0.02ppm
Free Chlorine: 0-0.05ppm
Total Chlorine: 0-0.1
pH: 6.5-8
Alkalinity: 40-80ppm
Chloride 0-30ppm
Line Pressure: 45-80PSI
Flow Rate: 2 GPM or 8 LPM

Specification sheet: 

La Marzocco

Whether or not their competition admits it, La Marzocco's influence on the espresso world is unprecedented. Double-boilers and saturated group heads are just a couple of the technological innovations they have brought to the masses. Their espresso machines are well-known for their workmanship and durable build, crafted to handle the highest volume environments without compromising quality.
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