Lotus Coffee Water Mixing Bottle (450ml)

  • Lotus Coffee Water Mixing Bottle (450ml)
  • Lotus Coffee Water Mixing Bottle (450ml) with minerals


Know Your Water

More than 98% of brewed coffee is made up solely of water, whether it’s in the form of percolation brewing, immersion brewing, or espresso. However, it is often the most overlooked variable in the brewing process. It can be simple to find the other necessary components to make great coffee, such as grinders and brewers for specific methods, and great brewing recipes are all over the internet, making them easy to replicate. When it comes to how the most crucial ingredient in your coffee is integrated into your brewing routine, things tend to become slightly more foggy and difficult to navigate. The Lotus Coffee Water mixing bottle makes creating your own water recipes simple and straightforward, and it gives you the ability to know exactly what is in the water you use for brewing, enabling you to tailor your own recipes to your liking. Whether you want your water to bring out the fruity, floral notes in your light roasts, or you want to add complexity and sweetness to your espresso, the Lotus Coffee Water Kit mixing bottle will be an immense help.

Lotus Coffee Water Mixing Bottle (450mL)

What's in the Box

  • Lotus Coffee Water Mixing Bottle (450mL)


  • Tailor water recipes to specific coffees & brewing methods
  • Allows for precise addition of minerals to water
  • Made from food-safe materials


Manufacturer: Lotus
Bottle Capacity: 450mL (15 oz)
Materials: Glass | Food-safe plastic

Lotus Water Recipe Examples

Recipe Light & Bright (Filter) Light & Bright (Espresso) Simple & Sweet (Filter) Simple & Sweet (Espresso)
Hardness/Alkalinity 60 ppm/25 ppm 20 ppm/45 ppm 90 ppm/40 ppm 20 ppm/55 ppm
450 mL 6 drops calcium | 5 drops potassium 4 drops magnesium | 9 drops potassium 6 drops calcium | 3 drops potassium | 3 drops magnesium | 5 drops sodium 2 drops magnesium | 11 drops sodium
1 liter 13 drops calcium | 11 drops potassium 4 drops magnesium | 20 drops potassium 13 drops calcium | 7 drops potassium | 7 drops magnesium | 11 drops sodium 4 drops magnesium | 24 drops sodium
1 gallon 50 drops calcium | 42 drops potassium 75 drops potassium | 17 drops magnesium 50 drops calcium | 25 drops potassium | 25 drops magnesium | 42 drops sodium 17 drops magnesium | 92 drops sodium
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