Adapter Bundle for Hario Electro Solo — Fits Option-O REMI, Timemore G1, and Timemore G1 Plus

  • Adapter Bundle for Option-O REMI, Timemore G1, and Timemore G1 Plus
  • Adapter Bundle for Option-O REMI, Timemore G1, and Timemore G1 Plus on the Hario Electro Solo


Hario's Electro Solo is a compact battery-powered handheld drill attachment designed to turn the axle—and therefore the rotational burr—of manual grinders, effectively removing the labor—and the sore arms and hands—from the typical hand-grinding experience. With the Electro Solo, Hario models can grind through 20g of coffee in under a minute. Because it was engineered by Hario, the Solo is outfitted with a hex socket that fits the drive shaft of Hario grinders. This adapter set—one hex shank to square drive adapter and one standard impact socket—makes the Hario Electro Solo compatible with the Option-O REMI, Timemore G1, Timemore G1 Plus, and 1Zpresso Q2 manual grinders.

This is an after-market kit created by the team at Prima to help make life with manual grinders a little easier. As such, the Solo will not fit as perfectly with this kit as it was designed to fit on Hario grinders. Also, this kit does not come with a stabilizer to keep the grinder and Solo linked, so they must be held tightly and some torque will be transferred to the user's hand or wrist during operation. In other words, this kit does not make grinding effortless, just faster. If you have any questions, please reach out before purchasing.

The adapter set for the Comandante and Timemore C2 can be found here.

What's in the Box

  • Hex shank to square drive adapter
  • Standard impact socket


  • Fits driveshaft of Option-O REMI
  • Fits driveshaft of Timemore G1, G1 Plus
  • Fits driveshaft of 1Zpresso Q2
  • Fits socket of Hario Electro Solo
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