The World Atlas of Coffee by James Hoffmann - Second Edition (ISBN 0228100941)

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World Atlas of Coffee


James Hoffmann's The World Atlas of Coffee (2nd ed) is an essential addition to your coffee library. Featuring extensive information on the coffee plant, growing, and processing, it also dives into topics like roasting, brewing, even water chemistry. It is a comprehensive piece of coffee knowledge and history, and regardless of your experience level as a home coffee enthusiast or professional barista, there's something to offer every reader. James is a seasoned coffee professional and former World Barista Champion, not to mention prolific writer on his own personal blog on the coffee industry. His attention to detail in the World Atlas of Coffee is one of its best features, as each subject is given enough depth and focus on its own to provide an ample and informative background. And thanks to his focus on practical information rather than trends or fads in coffee, this isn't a book which will find itself outdated in just a few years.

The second edition World Atlas of Coffee contains 272 full color pages, which include some captivating images from coffee farms and helpful supplements to the topics in each chapter. The book is broken into three main sections: an Introduction to Coffee, a Bean to Cup section which illuminates the processes of roasting, buying, tasting, and brewing coffee, and a final section on Coffee Origins, listed by country.

Title: The World Atlas of Coffee, Second Edition
Author: James Hoffmann
ISBN: 0-2281-0094-1
Pages: 272
Edition: Second
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