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Pullman Chisel Espresso Distribution Tool

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The Chisel's base is designed to maximize the lateral distribution force during use, so your coffee ends up as evenly dense as possible after redistribution. Doing this prior to tamping will create a more even coffee bed with fewer pockets of uneven densities, so your shots will extract more uniformly and taste even better. It's quick and easy to adjust, with a screw-style adjustment offering a depth from 7-14 mm. The stainless steel base is 58.4 mm in diameter, so it will fit most commercial sized baskets.

To use the Chisel, we recommend starting by grinding and tamping a dose of coffee as you would normally. Then, you can adjust the Chisel to the proper and desired depth using the tamped basket as a reference. To set the Chisel depth, first unlock the screw by twisting the upper adjustment wheel counter-clockwise until it feels loose. Then, extend the base by twisting it counter-clockwise from the bottom. Test the base depth by setting the Chisel onto your basket - if the base touches the tamped bed of grounds, it is set too deep, and you should retract the base by turning it clockwise. If it does not touch the tamped bed of grounds but looks to be too shallow, you may wish to extend it a bit more. The goal is to find a setting which balances how much the grounds are compacted while they are being distributed sideways and outward, and keep in mind that the subsequent tamp should provide the majority of the compacting force. This does take a little trial and error, but it's easy to pick up once you see the results in the coffee. Once you've found your desired setting, lock in the screw by twisting the upper adjustment wheel clockwise until snug (careful not to over-tighten). You can repeat this process to make small tweaks as needed, or if you change your coffee, baskets, or dose size.

What's in the box:

  • Chisel Distribution Tool
  • Use and care guide


  • Quickly and easily distribute coffee in the upper portion of your coffee puck
  • Chisel shape adds minimal compaction and redistributes grounds laterally as much as possible
  • Adjustable depth from 7 mm to 14 mm
  • Fits most commercial baskets, piston is 58.4 mm in diameter
  • Quick-adjust makes it easy for baristas to make tweaks on the fly
  • Made in Australia
Model: Chisel Distribution Tool
Height: 5.2 cm / 2 in - 6 cm / 2.36 in (adjustable)
Distributor Depth: 7 mm - 14 mm (adjustable)
Base Diameter: 58.4 mm
Weight: 425 g / 15 oz
Materials: 316 stainless steel base and collar, aluminum adjustments



5 / 5 stars

For me it's worth it.

The TL;DR: As a professional tool, the chisel helps me achieve consistent, even, and slightly higher extractions shot to shot, has speed up my workflow, and has improved my bar cleanliness big time! For a home user, it's a cool but unless you have the cash, there are better ways to spend $165. I'm a professional barista and I've been working on coffee bars for a number of years now. I'll admit, throwing down $160+ on a piece of metal that does what your fingers can do for free seems excessive. I used to (and occasionally still do) use the stockfleth method to evenly distribute the coffee which works fine except that after a long bar shift pulling shots all day my fingers would be brown from touching all that espresso which is gross, besides customers see you touching surfaces with dirty fingers and you're having to wash your hands constantly. I switched to tapping which helped the cleanliness aspect but it was noisy, and didn't always lead to a well distributed basket which increases coffee waste and time spent, not to mention the fines migration that can occur. From a redditor on r/barista: "Your coffee is only going to be as good as the least common denominator that was involved in the creation of your coffee beverage. So, if you use great beans, have amazing equipment, a great barista, you weigh every dose/shot, etc, then in shops that do these things, grooming your portafilter was the most inconsistent aspect of your brewing..." And for me the Pullman Chisel is a total game changer. It's amazing! My dial-ins are faster and my extractions stay consistent from shot to shot, I have an easier time making grind adjustments as needed throughout my shift, I have to clean my station less, and my fingers are no longer brown at the end of the day! Worth noting, distribution starts the moment the coffee exits the grinder and ends in your portafilter basket, so try avoid having uneven mounds of espresso only on one side of your portafilter as the chisel won't fix uneven density. Also the chisel's depth needs to be set for the correct filter basket size and coffee dosage as to minimize the tamping effect. This can be a bit annoying at first but once you decide on a coffee/ dose, set your chisel to an appropriate depth, and you're ready to rock.

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