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Slayer Group Gaskets

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Slayer Gaskets 46000-56091
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SKU: 46000-56091
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OEM replacement gasket for Slayer commercial espresso machines.


Hand-made in Seattle, WA, Slayer Espresso machines are at the bleeding edge of the industry. Featuring variable pressure at the group, a Slayer shot can be worlds apart from those pulled on other machines, making them one of the most unique products in the coffee world. Each machine features high-quality parts like solid machined steel frames, cast "Xs," spacious stainless boilers, and even some high-tech proprietary parts that serve to make Slayer all the more special. With a variety of customization options available, you can match your machine to your cafe or personality, or just craft the machine of your dreams.

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Great Service and Shipping

I ordered this for our Slayer Espresso machine, and it arrived in just a couple days. I also really appreciated their how-to video as this was my first time installing a gasket on a Slayer machine. Thanks, Prima!

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