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Slayer Single Group
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Hand-built in Seattle, WA, Slayer machines are known worldwide for their signature style, excellent build quality, and of course, their unique and rewarding approach to espresso brewing. The single group machine packs the Slayer pedigree and patented technology into a compact and beautiful package - and with their myriad customization options, you can truly make it your own.

Built on Slayer V3 grouphead technology, the single group is built for low- to mid-volume commercial environments, or very lucky homes and offices. It's got a three-stage paddle group for optimal flavor profiling, a saturated grouphead for consistent heat management, a 58 mm bottomless portafilter and shot mirror, and even a new Teflon-coated dispersion screen that both provides a smooth and steady shower of water and is a breeze to keep clean.

Built to Impress

Under the hood, Slayer's patented needle valve is the master of your extractions, allowing you to dial in your desired pre-brew flow rate for precise control over your shots' flavor. An expansive set of electronic controls featuring a glass touchscreen interface allows the user to set everything from brew boiler temperature and steam boiler pressure, pre-brew timers for semi-automated brewing, a power-saving weekday and weekend schedule, to tweaking the brew pump pressure and PID parameters. The PID-controlled 1.1 L brew boiler with a pre-heat coil ensures shot-to-shot temperature stability, and a digital pressure transducer keep the 3.3 L steam boiler running at the optimal pressure to the tenth of a bar. Speaking of steam - you'll not be left wanting, with a commercial-style steam wand with multiple steam tip options. A 20 ounce pitcher of cold milk will find its way to warm and silky microfoam in seconds, just like on a larger Slayer, or other commercial machines. And with a 1300 W heating element on 120 V power, steam production won't slack even across back-to-back milk drinks.

Advanced Espresso

Straight espresso enthusiasts, be prepared for the whole new level of deliciousness that awaits you. Slayer doesn't pull shots like most machines, to the great benefit of your taste buds. Rather than utilizing a line-pressure preinfusion, the needle valve restricts the flow rate in Slayer's pre-brew setting. This allows low-flow brewing to fully saturate the puck and begin extraction, while ever so slowly ramping up pressure. Flip the paddle from the center stage pre-brew over the left stage full-pressure brew, and you'll get the proper 9 bar extraction pressure and full flow through the puck. Want to ramp back down to the pre-brew flow rate? Just switch the paddle back to center, and you can dial in the flavor of your extractions however you wish. You can enhance the sweetness of your shot by extending your pre-brew time, or go for a touch more brightness by switching to full pressure early, then ramping back to pre-brew, and finishing again at full pressure. A syrupy, delicious, and well-rounded shot is now even more accessible, and old standby favorites can find even more depth of flavor when dialed in.

Ordering Info

Slayer single groups in the classic black with Peruvian walnut accents will ship directly from Seattle, WA subject to availability. Slayer single group machines ship freight, and we strongly suggest shipping directly to a local qualified espresso machine specialist to arrange installation. Machine customization is available upon request, and lead times may vary. Please contact our sales team for customization information, pricing, and ordering.


  • Variable brew pressure for advanced flavor profiling
  • Adjustable pre-brew flow rate with Slayer's patented needle valve
  • Electronic brew controls with glass touchscreen interface
  • Three-stage paddle group with wood accented actuator
  • Fully articulating steam wand and hot water tap
  • Adjustable brew temperature and steam boiler pressure
  • Teflon coated dispersion screen
  • Rotary pump
  • Direct plumb only

What's in the box:

  • Slayer single group espresso machine
  • 58 mm bottomless portafilter with 20 gram double basket
  • Blind basket for backflushing
  • Four screw-on rubber feet
  • 5 ft of braided steel water line, 3/8" ID
  • 5/8" vinyl drain line with adjustable hose clamp

For espresso machines with a 208-240v range, you will need a L6-30 locking plug. If you need one, be sure to add one on from the options above or grab one from your local hardware store.


  • 110V / 15A or 220V / 10A
  • 600 W brew boiler heating element
  • 1300 watt steam boiler heating element
  • Height: 15 in
  • Width: 18.1 in
  • Depth: 24.3 in
  • Weight (dry): 100 lbs
  • Ship weight: 160 lbs
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