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Product Comparisons

Take a side by side look at espresso machines, grinders, brewers - all your favorite coffee toys. Our product comparisons give you a glance at similar items to help you decide which is best for you.

French Press Face-off: A First Look at the Espro Press

Picture of Espro Press and traditional French Press

Were the Espro Press just an ordinary press pot, it’s arrival in our office wouldn’t have been accompanied by anything special. You see, we’re no strangers to French-pressed coffee.

Product Comparison | Orphan Espresso LIDO Hand Grinders

Orphan Espresso’s line of LIDO hand grinders have a reputation for grind quality that’s as rock solid as their build quality. The LIDO E, LIDO E-T, and LIDO 3 all go toe-to-toe with electric home grinders, while letting you grind anywhere, anytime. With such an incredible line up, how can you decide which one is right for you? Watch along as Ryan puts the spotlight on the LIDO series, and highlights the unique features that set them apart.


Baratza Product Line Comparison

If brewing coffee were a Broadway play, one’s grinder would perform the lead role, and Baratza would be one of the most trusted talent agencies. That’s why we have sought to give each of Baratza’s grinders their fair share of stage time, so that you can make an informed decision when casting the leading role in your brewing setup.

A Comparison of Brewing Scales

An Acaia Pearl on a white table with the article title on the left, "A Comparison of Brewing Scales."
Whether you are brewing coffee manually or making espresso, a scale is an essential tool. In this post, we take a look at our favorite five: Jennings, ProScale, Hario Drip Scale, Acaia Pearl, and Acaia Lunar.

Video: How to Choose a Mazzer Espresso Grinder

How to Select a Mazzer Video

If you’re hunting for a new espresso grinder, you’d do well to set your sights on Mazzer. These classic and time-tested machines are both legendary and ubiquitous in the coffee world - and for good reason! These are sturdy, solid machines, built like a tank and designed for precision. But with so many options, how do you know which model is right for you? Let’s take a closer look at Mazzer’s line of grinders and set you on your way to espresso nirvana.

Product Comparison | Baratza Grinders For Coffee And Espresso

At the forefront of home coffee grinding innovation, Baratza offers an unmatched line of eight different burr grinders at reasonable price points. Each grinder is designed to excel at its unique focus, whether it be grinding for manual or automatic drip brewing, or fine grinding for espresso. With such a remarkable lineup, it can be tricky to know which grinder is the right match for your home grinding or light cafe needs. Get the full scoop on each of Baratza's grinders, as Caleb shares on the uses and features of each, so you can make the best choice possible.

Video Vault: Baratza Forte Comparisons and Tutorials

Baratza Forte video

The Baratza Forté is the newest coffee and espresso grinder on the planet – what in the world is it all about? We've pitted it against some classics and peeked under the hood to help get the word out: this grinder's got guts!

Product Comparison | Knock Hand Grinders

Knock's Hand Grinder line up is stacked with the original Feldgrind, the Aergrind, and now the Feld2. Each of these hand grinders features the smart design and engineering that sets Knock coffee tools apart, and can fairly boast an impressive grind range from turkish fine to french press coarse. Even with so much in common, each one houses exclusive features that set it apart. Discover more about the Feldgrind, Aergrind, and Feld2, as Steve compares these fantastic hand grinders in this video.


Product Comparison | Bonavita Thermal And Glass Automatic Coffee Brewers

Explore the differences in two popular Bonavita automatic coffee brewers!