Mahlkonig GH1 Retail Grinder Replacement Burrs - (Serial Numbers 1 to 60)

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Verify Serial Number Before Buying!

This burr set is for GH1 Grinders with serial numbers 8U0000001 through 8U0000060. If you have a serial number of 8U0000061 or greater, please order part number 88000121. If you have any questions, contact our customer service for help.


0.55 lbs
6.5 in
6.5 in
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The Mahlkonig GH1, the predecessor to the GH2, is a well-crafted, economy retail grinder. It features large, 85mm flat Italian-made steel burrs that are capable of grinding anything from fine to coarse. While grinding for a single cup pour over or through an entire retail bag is easy for a GH1, burrs don't last forever. So if you are looking to replace overused or broken burrs, these OEM burrs for the GH1 will get you back up and grinding like it's early days in no time!

*Note that the GH1 burrs are slightly different than the GH2 burrs, as they have a slightly thinner edge on the backside of the stationary burr.


  • 85mm steel flat burrs
  • Same Italian-made burrs for the GH1 grinder as the originals
  • Manufacturer estimated throughput of 2000 lbs of coffee


Inner Diameter: 49mm
Outer Diameter: 85mm
Burr Type: Flat
Burr Material: Steel
Throughput Estimate: 2000 lbs
Mahlkonig GH1 & GH2 Burr Spec Sheet
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