Replacement Silicone Membrane Brush Head for Espazzola

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The Espazzola's silicone brush head is resilient, but over time the metal parts of your group head will wear it away. Use this replacement silicone brush head to refresh your Espazzola and keep your espresso machine sparkly clean.

There are two types of replacement 'membranes' as we call them.

The 'Membrane 2-58' is compatible with the obsolete 'Espazzola-2-58' and is still available as a replacement part (this is the model we currently have listed, aka silicone-membrane2-58-pr-se-v).

The new 'Membrane 2+3' is compatible with both new models of the Espazzola: the 'Espazzola 2+3-53' and the 'Espazzola 2+3-58'. This is silicone-membrane2+3-pr-se-v.

Unfortunately, both types are not interchangeable: mathematics require a six-fold symmetry (instead of the 8-fold symmetry of the old 'Membrane 2-58') for the membrane to make them work both for machines with two OR three cams on the portafilter.

The old 'Membrane 2-58' will be available until early of 2023 and will be discontinued thereafter.

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