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A Comparison of Pour Over Brewing Kettles

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Bonavita Kettle, Hario Buono Kettle, Kalita Thin Spout Kettle, and Kalita Wave Pot Kettle

Every trade has its tools, and that of manual coffee-making is no exception. One of the most important tools — especially for pour-over brewing — is the kettle. As the appreciation for craft coffee continues to grow, so does the demand for a kettle that meets the needs of professional baristas and at-home aficionados. If you ask us, these are the best ones out there.

  • Bonavita pour over kettle


    With an extensive selection of affordable pouring kettles, the Bonavita brand offers the best all-around value. Their kettles come in a variety of options, including stovetop, electric, and variable temperature. Water flows from these kettles slowly, responsively, and predictably, trickling in a straight line beneath the spout. Impressive flow control is available with all versions of the Bonavita kettles, but the stovetop model gets our vote for its comfortable handle.

  • Hario Buono Kettle

    Hario Buono

    Hario's Buono has reigned as the king of pour over kettles for years, its reign extending to coffee bars and homes alike. Holding up to 1,200 milliliters of water, it's ideal for baristas who brew up big batches. We find it lacking in precision – water flows reluctantly, at first, and arcs slightly behind the spout – but excelling in comfort, build, and beauty. Plus, the Buono's beehive design coordinates with Hario's V60 dripper and brewing accessories.

  • Kalita Thin Spout kettle

    Kalita Thin Spout

    The Thin Spout camps in the middle of this brew battle. Its moderate size, average flow rate, and simple design make it accommodating for just about any method, person, or application. A 700-mL capacity suits most single-cup brewers. In the hand, it feels comfortable and balanced. Water begins to flow at just the spot you'd expect and then arcs beautifully over the coffee bed.

  • Kalita Wave kettle

    Kalita Wave Pot

    Is Kalita's Wave Pot the classiest around? You tell us. Beautiful polished steel, an elegant spout, and a wooden handle make this one handsome kettle. Additionally, its flow rate is among the slowest and steadiest that we've tested. The kettle's shape requires a severe posture, docking it a few points for handling, but it remains a strong and stylish option for all pour-over brewing methods.

  • Takahiro pouring kettle


    Takahiro kettles have become known as the ultimate manual brewmaster's tools – and for good reasons. No other kettles offer this degree of flow control and build quality. Their carefully crafted pouring spouts release a thin trickle that faithfully responds to your every maneuver and falls directly below the spout. Available in two practical sizes, the Takahiros can accommodate a range of brewing apparatuses.

Bonavita Hario Buono Kalita Thin Spout Kalita Wave Pot Takahiro
Bonavita Kettle Hario Buono V60 Kettle Kalita Thin Spout Kettle Kalita Wave Pot Kettle Takahiro pouring kettle
$34.99-94.99 $53.00 $77.95 $107.95 $119.99
holds 1L holds 1.2L holds 700mL holds 1L holds 500-900mL
weighs 350-545g weighs ~415g weighs ~335g weighs ~470g weighs 325-390g-
pours ~125mL/min pours ~150mL/min pours ~105mL/min pour ~100mL/min pours ~90mL/min
Lowest price Greatest capacity Best control Sharpest style Slowest flow

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Which kettle would you pick as your favorite?

My personal all-around favorite is the electric Bonavita.  It is at such a low price, heats up super fast, has a great pour-rate.  I also throw a thermometer in the top and give it a couple of minutes after boiling to go down to 200 range.

We think the temperature stability, slower possible flow rate, and style give the Wave Pot our vote as the favorite, but these each have their place. The Kalita Thin Spout has the second slowest flow rate and is a tad easier to control because of its lighter weight. We'd recommend the Thin Spout over the Wave Pot if you're only brewing smaller, one to two person, batches and don't care about the style differences. The Hario Buono has the largest capacity out of all of the kettles (1.2 L / 45oz.) and it has an easy to control flow and is considerably light for its capacity. The Bonavita is quickly becoming one of our favorites because of the price, electric option, and the fact that you can fit one of our milk thermometers in through the whole in the top to get an easy temperature reading. Hope this helped!

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