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Hario Bona Enamel Pouring Kettle 800 mL

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The Bona kettle by Hario meshes a modern approach to pour-over brewing and a classic enameled steel look straight from a farm kitchen. This attractive gooseneck kettle features bright white enamel outside, with a deep speckled blue interior, plus teak wood accents. Its gooseneck spout offers fine-tuned control over flow rate for the perfect pour, and the 800 mL practical capacity is generous enough to brew for family and friends. The kettle holds up to 1.4 L of water total, but works best at just under a liter to prevent splashing and spilling while boiling.

This stovetop kettle is compatible with most ranges, including electric, gas, and induction. The lid is vented to allow steam to escape but does not whistle, and it includes a button-style crimp to hold the lid in place during use. We do not recommend putting the kettle in the dishwasher, and instead it should be washed by hand with a soft cloth. The teak wood parts should be oiled occasionally to protect their finish.


  • Camping-style enameled steel kettle
  • Gooseneck spout for precision pouring
  • Comfy teak wood handle
  • 800 mL practical capacity, max capacity around 1.4 L
  • Vented lid with button lock
  • Two-tone enamel design
Model: BDK-80-W
Capacity: 800 mL
Dimensions: 7 in. H x 12 in. W x 5.4 in. D
Stovetop compatibility: Electric coil, electric ceramic, gas, induction
Materials: Enameled steel body, stainless steel handle, teak wood accents


Originally known primarily as a company that produces glass products, Hario (also known as Hario Glass) has been working to produce high quality coffee and tea products since 1921. Over the past few years, Hario has become known as the coffee industry leader in pour over brewing equipment. Hario has helped bring about a coffee renaissance in the U.S. by creating ingeniously designed coffee brewing and grinding products that are being used by cafes and home coffee connoisseurs alike for by-the-cup coffee brewing. The design and methods behind Hario's brewing devices have helped to insure that specialty coffee is being brewed with the craft that it deserves.
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